Thursday, October 15, 2009

Toop.TV arrives!

On the bus, on the train or at the officeÉToop&Toop is now bringing you the latest property news live or on the run thanks to breaking technology. Finding your perfect home whether renting or buying is much easier than “the good ole days” technology applied to real estate is exciting & moving very fast.

After 2 years watching the costs come down & advances in technology we believe the timing is right & that we have worked up the right model. This is an Industry first Toop.TV (officially) went live to air on Wednesday the 14th October at 1pm. Now buyers, sellers & renters have access to the very latest property information plus live access to the property experts with our interactive help desk & show. Toop.TV is 100% produced by Toop&Toop employing all South Australians, using local talent & technology. We promise we will answer even the hard questions. This is an extension of the highly successful InsideStory. Toop.TV will be driven & evolved by your feedback.

The facts. Initially Toop.TV will be broadcast weekly each Wednesday at 1pm. Podcasts will be available shortly after each live show for your convenience & an indexed library will be available at Toop.TV, for future reference. The initial line-up includes InsideStory Live, Behind The Blinds (out & about at opens & auctions), Investors&Renters, Adelaide’s Property A List, a look inside South Australia’s best properties for sale, Community Chest for any Community news & finally AskToopie, our interactive segment.

With coaching from television experts we have attempted to ensure the content is interesting, informative & relevant to consumers. The majority of the show will focus on properties. We will feature properties not previously released to the market, properties currently available & ready for viewing, plus we have an exclusive top end segment showing one or more of Adelaide’s Property A list providing you with a look inside the best of the best homes that South Australia has to offer.

The timing of the live show was determined by you. Our Toop online statistics clearly point to this time. Wednesday at 1pm consistently spikes with the highest online traffic for the entire week.

Be sure to say G-Day to our
Toop.TV reporter Elise who will be out & about today interviewing buyers & renters on current market issues. Have some fun & be a part of our BEHIND THE BLINDS segment.

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

© Toop Real Estate Group

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