Friday, November 13, 2009

One in a 100 years!

Spring Heatwave!!

One in a 100 years!

The spring heatwave had a cooling effect on the market over the past week, with attendances down at inspections and the edge being taken off buyers. We will never know if this “cooling” of attendances relates to last week's interest rate rise, but I doubt it. Whenever we have a sudden burst of unpleasantly hot weather at the start of the summer season, people seem to get tired and can become challenging, however we remain confident the selling season will run strong until Christmas. The reason for this confidence relates to the unseasonable lack of new properties hitting the market, combined with the high pace of sales this spring.
As you may know, Toop&Toop run a sophisticated database and have essentially created publishing software. This enables us to directly communicate, via various mediums, with buyers, sellers and renters. As a result, we know exactly what is happening with the market. Here are some interesting statistics to consider on the number of new buyers entering the market;

1. November 09 tracking 11% above November last year

2. October 09 statistically equal to October 08

3. September 09, 20% more new buyers than September 08

4. August 09, 13% less registrations compared to August 08.

Now some more trivia.

In the first 4 weeks of going to air Toop.TV has had viewers from 7 countries and 11 cities around Australia... not bad for a brand new real estate program. China has been the standout with 11 viewers tuning in to watch the show. Our sellers get their property in front of these international viewers in a very impressive way! Remember www.Toop.TV is live every Wednesday at 1pm, available 24/7 for viewing online plus downloadable as a pod cast. The show is really starting to bed in now. We are ensuring we have plenty of great news plus newly listed, pre-release properties for you.

It has been remarkable to see how consistent the buyer numbers have remained through out the GFC; currently the total registered active buyers are holding firm within a few % and as of Wednesday this week they totalled 9900. The number of open inspections actually fell last weekend... which is unheard of at this time of the year. As we mentioned last week, if you intend selling this year you really need to list your property NOW.

More innovative online products are on the way, stay tuned for some “serious fun” when looking for property with Toop&Toop. With and these new products, we are putting fun into buying SA property.
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