Sunday, December 27, 2009

2010: Population, Rents and Home Prices to Rise.

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The final CommSec report for 2009, and a really easy to read summary that takes a few minutes to read and makes a lot of sence.

“CommSec expects home prices to rise by 8-10 per cent over 2010. Population continues to grow and not enough homes are being built. For investors, rising rents and home prices is an attractive combination.”, and the report briefly outlines its logic.

craigjameseconomicupdate.pdf (pdf)

Worth reading.

See you all in 2010, I am waiting for the latest RP Data wrap for the year so if it arrives I will post it for you.

Just as a final note, be sure you go to and see the last program for 2009 including a special segment “on the red Carpet”, a fun segment with Adelaide people you will definitely recognise. We have interviews with the State political leaders on Land Tax and Stamp Duty, Planning controls and a series of really important policy issues relating to SA property so subscribe for your reminders on if you are not in that loop already.

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