Thursday, February 04, 2010

Why don’t we just do what everyone else is doing?

Saturday week we were at the Australian Open in Melbourne and after seeing on the Rod Laver Arena screen a prompt to do so - I downloaded the iPhone App called ‘Aus Open’. Sylvia and I have attended the Open every year for as long as I can remember but for me this year was different.

So what was different? A little button on my iPhone called the AUS OPEN ‘App’. This iPhone ‘App’ lifted my personal experience of my attendance at the Open to an entirely new level.

This year I knew EXACTLY what was happening, who was playing whom, how all the players were tracking in the draws, all the time! Whatever we wanted to know, whenever we wanted to know it. At my fingertips I had details of everything, on all courts, within one minute of it happening... scores, schedules, Draws, player profiles, maps and a whole lot more including commentary... all at my fingertips in crystal clear format, even without my glasses!!

Then Dr. PC, who was sitting next to me (David Raffen, or Doc), needed some cash after borrowing $20 for a drink from Sylvia (as I had no money either). So there he is, between games, sitting on his iPhone with his drink and getting a map of his Bank’s nearest EFTPOS machines... naturally his own Bank (to save the transaction fee). Effortlessly, instantly, he had a map to the closest machines, with directions on how to get to them and detail on how long it would take!!

So not to be upstaged, and I couldn’t resist, I took Doc’s iPhone, (and Karen’s)... I logged onto and pressed the + to load T&T button to their Home Screen. There is so much more on the way - this new journey has only just begun for real estate. Ultimately property sellers, renters and buyers will enjoy the entire experience of real estate at a level no one thought possible a few years ago.

If you don’t believe these small portable devices will change your life forever than you have some catching up to do.

Last week the announcement of the iPad was just what Toop&Toop needed. This is not just a new toy for gadget people, it may prove a turning point for businesses including ours. T&T need fast advancement in this hardware space which we will now get.

Our work in the mobile online space is well known and highly regarded, we lead the way.

I was asked the question this week... why don’t we just do what everyone else is doing?

If you too were at the Australian Open effortlessly knowing, and enjoying, everything that was going on, you would never ask such a question!

Giving clients what they want, when they want it and without effort, while operating on a global platform is something no real estate agent EVER contemplated 25 years ago when we started Toop&Toop.

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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