Monday, March 22, 2010

Record Heights: National performance Gauge

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This is a really interesting report and explains what I was struggling to explain some weeks ago for blogger Paul when it came to deteriorating affordability.

CommSec National Performance Gauge

I interviewed Craig James, Chief Economist for CommSec last week on which was very interesting and covers a lot of ground with has specific predictions on South Australia. Last week was the first of a 3 part series with Craig James.

Be sure you view last week’s program as we also had as co-host Peter Vaughan who is CEO of Business SA, with his predictions for Adelaide’s property market.

If you have any property you are looking to sell, or if you are in the market, be sure to be in touch as we have been doing a lot of business on line and many properties are not hitting the market at the moment.

This is a MUST READ report,



Thursday, March 18, 2010

Another paradigm shift in real estate

Fair warning... the market is running hot right now, the question is, will it continue? Our February sales were at record levels while the volume of housing stock in SA was down 14.8% (over 2,100 homes) from the previous year, according to RPData. With this tightening of supply & increase in demand, off market selling is forging ahead, upping the ante for buyers who are not tapping into online or registered to be notified of properties first (
Toop&Toop are reaching more buyers in ways never before possible.
Last weekend’s launch of the Property Advice Centre ( created another paradigm shift in real estate. This online meeting place for property people in South Australia is a one stop shop for local real estate. As the power of online selling takes control, our Property Advice Centre breaks new ground in quality of information. In a ‘no holes barred’ series of interviews examines property issues with those who know.

Craig James, Chief Economist for CommSec appeared on this week’s show with the latest on SA’s property market & where our economy is heading in 2010...
“...the key thing is we’ve got China which is fuelling our growth, high population growth Ð fastest population growth in the order of 40 years, & we’ve got super strong demand for construction, whether it’s residential, commercial, engineering construction. So those 3 drivers really are powering the Australian economy & it is going to perform very, very well over 2010”.
We also had co-host Peter Vaughan, CEO of Business SA, talk with us about all things local to our great state - so if you didn’t see it live just log on now to as it is there to see any time that suits you.
People have now worked out why a real estate agency has its own ‘TV station’... our customers get to access more buyers & tenants through it. With this week’s massive launch of The Advertiser’s own ‘TV Station’ now is an exciting time as world leading applications of new technology are being generated out of South Australia.
Toop&Toop has become a trusted information centre for property. The Advice Centre includes services to help buyers, sellers, landlords & tenants come together. By creating an online space where all parties can congregate, in a confidential & discreet way, people with the same needs & interests can help each other. The general public are able to access inside industry information about all things real estate while South Australia’s best homes are showcased in a local way but on an international platform.
Craig James, Peter Vaughan, Isobel Redmond, Kevin Foley, Katrina Webb, Roger Rasheed, SAFM’s Cosi, Mix 102’s Snowy, Tim Lawless (head researcher RP Data), & many more... all talking Adelaide property -

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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Monday, March 15, 2010

The Market Across Australia ...

InsideStory readers,
This latest RPData report is perfect for the property junkies, all the stats on what is going on in the real estate market across Australia including comparisons of the amount of property coming onto the market.

PropertyPulse-RPData (pdf)

Be sure to compare last years results with this year, and also check out the clearance rates at the moment at auction....fantastic!!

For those who have not seen for a while, do it. Click on that link and see what incredible interviews we are getting and look through some of the amazing tips for property owners and investors.
www.toop.TV has the Chief Economist for CommSec on this week and some really revealing predictions looking forward, with his reasons. Check it out!!
Also we have launched our joint online project with News Corp with their online AdelaideNow website, go to AdelaideNow, click on the property tab, then the ADVICE CENTRE Tab, check it out, all our great video presentations and inside looks into Adelaide's finest properties.
We have also launched the first fun search engine for property in the "Property Fun House", snoop around and find all the hidden goodies, complete with the over 18 only poker room!!

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Maximum web impact - its all go!

In a fast paced world, it seems forever ago that we commenced our most ambitious online project ever... the Property Advice Centre. Forgive me for a bit of a hard sell today, but this is ground breaking & in collaboration with the big guys, News Corp.

Today we launch the Advice Centre on - our state’s leading news website which is fast becoming the hub for real estate interaction in South Australia.

Toop&Toop has embraced emerging capabilities, creating Technology Powered Selling for our clients. It looks simple, yet at the leading edge is sophisticated with a global reach.

Historically home sellers have listed properties based on personality & a perception of success. Today’s reality is an individual ‘good operator’ can no longer hope to deliver optimum outcomes for their client without the use of a technology platform. Online isn’t just ramping up, it has gone ballistic in the past 12 months. This medium is literally moving at the speed of light when it comes to accessing buyers & promoting property.

Sale Optimisation is only possible through Technology Powered Selling; this is becoming an undisputable fact for sellers.

With the market running so well, as it has over the past 12 months, pretty much anyone can sell property. You could sell it yourself. So why would you engage an agent & pay a fee?

A top agency has... 1) Trained negotiators. 2) Trusted brand. 3) Superior skills for presenting your property, both in the flesh & in marketing.

Toop&Toop has 4 computer programmers, 3 staff specialising in visual communication (video, photo & production), 4 creative, writing & traditional press producers & 1 data manager. That's 12 full time staff, working behind the scenes & communicating with customers in an effortless way - assisting our sales team to drive ‘sale optimisation’ for you, our clients.

25 years of innovations have powered Toop&Toop to be the most highly awarded agency in Australia, proof that investing in technology over two & a half decades pays off for our customers. Technology Powered Selling is all about providing our sales partners with maximum buyer leads, back them with the most comprehensive marketing machine in the nation & allow them to negotiate the best outcomes.

1) Toop&Toop homes get the highest traffic on in South Australia 170,000 in February.

2) Toop&Toop sellers access the nation’s most awarded private website... the best in the Country!

3) Toop&Toop are acknowledged as the most innovative selling agency in the Nation!

4) Toop.TV is the most sophisticated Sale Optimisation initiative ever launched.

5) Marketing via social networks is driven by Toop&Toop, while our sales team focus on the frontline.

6) Property Funhouse drives traffic to Toop properties.

7) AdelaideNow’s Property Advice Centre is the new hub for buyers & sellers - over 1.2m unique site browsers in February.

8) Toop&Toop clients access the best sales support in the business.

Being the best sales person in the business alone will never cut it, being the best resourced sales person will!

Log onto for property news like never before.

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

InsideStory readers, more reports.

InsideStory readers, more reports.

OK, so it is a flood of new reports, but these really are interesting for property followers.

This one has a great table showing the amount of properties on the market in each state and compares it with last year.

The latest auction clearance rates are also included, one page, easy read.

Coastal property market wrap (pdf)

RPData Market update (pdf)



Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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Australian house prices vs disposable incomes

InsideStory followers,

This is a short but excellent quarterly report from RP Data.

There are 2 graphs that will be of interest and also some detail regarding rental yields for Investors to keep abreast of what the market is doing.

Here is an extract...."Australian house prices are around 4.1x disposable incomes, which is where they have been for the last six years".

Home Value Index 26 Feb 2010 (pdf)

Enjoy the read,

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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Investor Signposts (CommSec)

Dear subscribers

Investor Signposts (pdf)

This report is dated 25th February and I missed it. Although essentially old news there is some great logic that compliments the article I posted this week, take a read.


Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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2010 is party time for property owners

“Home Truths - how interest rates will hurt”, media headlines this week... I think it’s time for an alternate view.

I’ve turned to Google to refresh my memory on interest rates and found the last 50 years worth (see previous post to see these). Check out the rates 25 years ago when we started Toop&Toop and back in 1978 when I first started selling real estate at age 19. I feel it’s time to put this week’s interest rate “HIKE” of 0.25% in perspective.

1980 the interest rates were 10.25%, 1990 -16.5% and in 2000 - 7.8%. Now following this week’s rise, the 4% cash rate plus approximately 2.5% margin for the banks, takes the variable home loan rate to just over 6%, once you shop around. The reality is that rates sat above 10% for 20 years, skyrocketing to 17% in June '89. Developers were paying over 20% at that time as were home buyers for bridging loans! In 1992 South Australia’s unemployment rate was double digits at 10.7% while interest rates were 12%... ouch! We also had a massive oversupply of properties with empty houses everywhere... it was a pretty untidy time in real estate, I should know as we started Toop&Toop through that period.

Today unemployment is around 5%, interest rates 6.5% and housing supplies are tight. Hmm... given the supply and demand pressure, I have to say this 0.25% rise may have been needed to ensure we prevent a total blowout in housing prices.

Overlaying the supply/demand curve for SA property, Adelaide has a new bubble of residents arriving thanks to the defence battalion relocation, with big potential in mining and education. Coming off such a small population base, the impact of these stimulants will impact on all of us here in SA.

So let’s all reset our expectations, get our heads around a further 1% rise in interest rates this year and be thankful we’re in such a privileged time in history. If it doesn’t happen, well that’s fantastic. Realistically, so far 2010 is party time for property owners, so just enjoy it while it lasts. If interest rates hit 10%...and unemployment 10%, then it’s time to have a whinge.

Toop’s Tip. Fixed rates vs Variable... expect to pay a premium of at least 1% for the privilege of a fixed rate and more if fixing for over a year. Manage your mortgage clinically. Pay it 'as if' you have a long term fixed rate (say 9%), bank the windfall cash (from having the cheaper variable rate) and pay off as much principal as possible - this will bullet proof you against any medium to long term rate movements.

This weeks ToopTV features magnificent homes along with some very high profile interviews. Log onto

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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

History of Interest Rates

With all the media hype surrounding this week's 0.25% interest rate rise, I took the chance to take a quick trip down 'memory lane' - thanks to Google.

Click on the link below and check out the past 50 years worth of interest rates. I think you'll agree, compared to the late 80's and early 90's when base rates peaked at 17%, we're in a very positive position right now with loans at around 6.5%.

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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