Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Maximum web impact - its all go!

In a fast paced world, it seems forever ago that we commenced our most ambitious online project ever... the Property Advice Centre. Forgive me for a bit of a hard sell today, but this is ground breaking & in collaboration with the big guys, News Corp.

Today we launch the Advice Centre on - our state’s leading news website which is fast becoming the hub for real estate interaction in South Australia.

Toop&Toop has embraced emerging capabilities, creating Technology Powered Selling for our clients. It looks simple, yet at the leading edge is sophisticated with a global reach.

Historically home sellers have listed properties based on personality & a perception of success. Today’s reality is an individual ‘good operator’ can no longer hope to deliver optimum outcomes for their client without the use of a technology platform. Online isn’t just ramping up, it has gone ballistic in the past 12 months. This medium is literally moving at the speed of light when it comes to accessing buyers & promoting property.

Sale Optimisation is only possible through Technology Powered Selling; this is becoming an undisputable fact for sellers.

With the market running so well, as it has over the past 12 months, pretty much anyone can sell property. You could sell it yourself. So why would you engage an agent & pay a fee?

A top agency has... 1) Trained negotiators. 2) Trusted brand. 3) Superior skills for presenting your property, both in the flesh & in marketing.

Toop&Toop has 4 computer programmers, 3 staff specialising in visual communication (video, photo & production), 4 creative, writing & traditional press producers & 1 data manager. That's 12 full time staff, working behind the scenes & communicating with customers in an effortless way - assisting our sales team to drive ‘sale optimisation’ for you, our clients.

25 years of innovations have powered Toop&Toop to be the most highly awarded agency in Australia, proof that investing in technology over two & a half decades pays off for our customers. Technology Powered Selling is all about providing our sales partners with maximum buyer leads, back them with the most comprehensive marketing machine in the nation & allow them to negotiate the best outcomes.

1) Toop&Toop homes get the highest traffic on in South Australia 170,000 in February.

2) Toop&Toop sellers access the nation’s most awarded private website... the best in the Country!

3) Toop&Toop are acknowledged as the most innovative selling agency in the Nation!

4) Toop.TV is the most sophisticated Sale Optimisation initiative ever launched.

5) Marketing via social networks is driven by Toop&Toop, while our sales team focus on the frontline.

6) Property Funhouse drives traffic to Toop properties.

7) AdelaideNow’s Property Advice Centre is the new hub for buyers & sellers - over 1.2m unique site browsers in February.

8) Toop&Toop clients access the best sales support in the business.

Being the best sales person in the business alone will never cut it, being the best resourced sales person will!

Log onto for property news like never before.

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

© Toop Real Estate Group

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