Friday, April 30, 2010

Interest rates are beginning to bite

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The Latest RP Data report has just arrived and for me it is like waiting to catch the Saturday Newspaper as it arrives!!

National News Release -RPData (pdf)

All looking good for property still although there are signs that the interest rates are beginning to bite. It is important there are some cracks appearing, especially given the Reserve Bank use this information from RP Data to assist them in making the decision on interest rates.

Here is a table from the report, this is essential reading!

•Brisbane values up 2.4% (median price: $439,000)
•Adelaide values up 2.7% (median price: $385,000)
•Perth values up 0.2% (median price: $480,000)
•Darwin values up 6.9% (median price: $480,000)
•Canberra values up 3.7% (median price: $510,800)
•Hobart values up 0.5% (median price: $323,750)
(Based on final February figures)

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