Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Toop&Toop Office Planned !

Hot Real Estate Goss…just a heads up on what we are up to. Toop&Toop have purchased The Abbey, a landmark building at 84 King William Road and we are going to open our Toop&Toop Hyde Park office there.

We are aiming, by August, to have completed the necessary renovations and to have approvals in place to get things up and running for Spring 2010.

While a number of the team have put their hands up to work from this amazing building and location, details are sketchy as we start the process of refurbishment.

I must say I am hugely excited. Sylvia and I have been trying all the local restaurants out over the past few weeks as we visualise how this office could look and feel. We love Adelaide’s early architecture and over the years have developed a reputation for helping to save some of our historic buildings. Pretty much all of our offices are iconic or heritage buildings which we have refurbished and renovated. Our first was at 23 The Parade Norwood back in 1987 which remains our head office today.

The Abbey is so exciting. We want to demonstrate how such a magnificent building can be equipped and fitted out with the very latest technology, to become a modern hip and happening office that the entire community will hopefully be proud of.

On the people front, this new office will attract the top sales people, or people we can train to be the best of the best (for which we are famous), along with a full support team of secretarial, sales assistants and property managers. Essentially, if you are keen to be trained and to become recognised as the best of the best in the real estate industry, call us ASAP.

The person to contact for a chat is Andries Pretorius or Vanita Miller in our HR Department, or for that matter any of our team. We run a family style business so feel free to have a totally confidential chat about what we are up to…get involved and become part of the Toop team!

By the way, if it is of any consequence, March 2010 saw the biggest March sales T&T has ever had in our 25 years! Thanks for your support, we hope we can lift the bar even more for our clients as we continually strive to become better at what we do.

So… want to get into Toop&Toop or real estate… this is the perfect time!

In regards to market conditions, we have some sensational reports posted this week from RP Data, ANZ, and CommSec, all viewable on this blog. Don’t forget to see this week’s as well.

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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