Friday, April 30, 2010


The rivalry at the footy derby this weekend will be nothing compared to what plays out constantly between property believers and those who back shares. There is regular banter between real estate agents and share brokers as to ‘which is the best investment’, so we have decided to put both sides in one room so they can have it out.

Toop.TV will expose all the rivalry head on and uncover the arguments for property or shares once and for all. The gloves will be off - expect anything!

So for those fans who are left disappointed after this weekend’s Footy Showdown, get focussed on Showdown 1 The Great Debate, Property V Shares! We go live 1pm this Wednesday 5th May at

Representing ‘Shares’ we have high profile businessman, and Chair of everything, Mr. Alan Young with his gun support Mark Potter both of Baker Young Stockbrokers. For ‘Property’ we have Greg Troughton, CEO of the Real Estate Institute of SA (REISA) with Emma Slape, REISA’s property researcher and journo, who together promise to tear the shares team apart and prove property is in fact the only investment class for mums and dads.

This promises to be a fiery and entertaining debate with plenty of content. So, to ensure it’s fair, I will perform the ‘umpire’ duties and adjudicate proceedings. We will also put your questions to the Showdown 1 panel live and you’ll be able to cast your vote during the show through our online poll to determine who the winner will be! All those who vote will go into the draw for a double Magnum of premium Battunga Shiraz Wine.

So here is the deal:

Questions: Submit them via the Showdown 1 icon at prior to the show.

Register for a reminder:

Live broadcast:

Studio Audience: We have extremely limited seats available in the Toop.TV studio, email and we’ll advise successful applicants.

This show will be a bumper edition and will run around 40 minutes with some spectacular new listings showcased and a look ‘Behind The Blinds’ of Adelaide’s properties….don’t miss it!!

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.
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Paul said...

Anthony is the debate; 'Property V Shares,' or 'Property V Shares for mums & dads?' 2 different debates in my opinion because anyone can buy residential property regardless of their knowledge &/or intellect, whereas shares require some knowledge &/or intellect otherwise you will have to soley rely on a broker whom might have neither knowledge nor intellect! In a debate 'Property V Shares' I could provide plenty of facts as to why shares outperform residential property (see some previous posts by others in the previous story), however in a debate 'Property V Shares for mums and dads' I think it would be fair to say that most mums and dads know little about shares (and obviously nothing about growth, value, pe ratio, ebit ratio, dcf valuation, grossed up yield, debt, EV, etc) thus residential property offers the greatest risk/reward for mums & dads when compared to shares (ie. residential property would be best for mums & dads). Personally, I'm going with quality shares to clearly outperform property over the next 10 years because property income yield is very low because property prices (relative to family income) are way above trend and are likely to come back to trend during the next 10 years. A property bubble burst is always possible (especially if the China property bubble bursts), but I hope it doesn't happen in a big way because it will also affect our stock market. Happy investing & Good luck!

Anthony Toop said...

Hi Paul

Great comments, we are on to it,

Tune in to the debate Wednesday, will be fun, don’t forget to vote,