Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dooms-day melt down? Why this will not occur.

InsideStory Subscribers, this is hot off the press. We have Tim Lawless live on at 1pm today, log in and watch it...or if you miss it, it will be available from 6pm tonight on pod cast and/or as archive footage. Sylvia is co hosting today for the first time so tune in!!

I have just had May results arrive from RP Data and it tells the story statistically that we have been reporting from the coal face for some time now.

The boom is over; stability returned but this reporty importantly addresses the dooms day spruikers with their predictions of a melt down, and explains the logic as to why this will not occur.

RPData (pdf)

Fantastic report, and a must read. Property is such a terrific asset Toop&Toop we can't get enough of it.


Anthony Toop, Managing Director.
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