Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Beat the Spring rush - hit the market early!

There’s a feeling in the air spring is just around the corner. Maybe because it is!

Even though statistically, spring isn’t the best time to sell, it never seems to change people’s perception that it is.

So here are some Toop’s Tips. If like other vendors you have decided you must sell in spring, for goodness sake do it early! There’s usually a surge of houses hitting the market the first weekend in October. With both South Australian AFL teams unlikely to have your attention this September, and coming off the back of the Federal election, there may be an early rush this year. In a perfect world you would have already sold by now as stock levels are tight at the moment and sales are holding up really well. Then, while awaiting settlement, you can cherry pick the best buys from the seasonal flood of newly listed properties. Buyers become supremely confident when there’s an array of options to choose from!

As a seller you must be extremely careful in the way you go about the sale or it may cost you a lot of money. If you’re serious about getting the best outcome, put some time and effort into selecting the right salesperson operating within the best agency. Look behind the promises and into the reality of the resources available to the salesperson. Why not ask for a tour of the agent’s office? See what is going on behind the gloss to support promises and compare…reality will become clear. The difference Toop’s innovations can make to accessing extra buyers, through our online sales strategies and extensive database, is amazing. So be aware apples ain’t apples in the real estate world. Getting to all the buyers quickly is imperative for the best result.

Following on from last week’s InsideStory on ‘Strike me Pink, they are all kids’, page 3 of Monday’s Financial Review ran an article on ‘Agents cash in despite property lull’. The article is available onlineavailable online here (pdf) but the last paragraph says it all...“Eighty per cent of real estate sales people turn over within five years…They don’t make the cut. The long hours, the weekend work and just the general pressure. It has a high attrition rate and a high divorce rate”. We’ve been in the business 25 years and we get it.

On another note, Friday the 13th was Toop&Toop’s 25th annual awards night. It’s always a crazy fun night where Toop legends are made!!

We’ll report on the winners and the night next week. There are sure to be some great pictures, so if you’re one of our clients, I bet you’ll have trouble identifying your favourite Toop staff!

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Anthony Toop, Managing Director.
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Paul said...

A report published by Morgan Stanley on Tuesday, which warned the nation's housing market was in a bubble, overvalued by 40%.
"Australian house prices are expensive on every value metric" wrote Gerard Minack in the note. He predicted that returns from real estate are likely to be negative for the next decade and added, "Buying an asset that's over-priced never ends well."
Minack said much of the gains had been fueled by an increase in household debt and government policies such as grants to first-home buyers. Throughout much of the market, he said, home buyers were relying on capital gains to repay debt and interest under the assumption that house were sure to rise, a trend that bore characteristics of 'ponzi' borrowers -- borrowing a term from Hyman Minsky.
"The real return on residential property over the next decade is likely to be negative," Minack said.