Thursday, October 14, 2010

I spent Monday and Tuesday this week in Sydney speaking at the REINSW real estate conference and it was quite interesting. Online everything dominates discussions and I guess...maybe...that was the reason for my invitation to present and to represent South Australia on the panel.

I was reminded of why we are spending so much of our effort in this online marketing space. The numbers are actually frightening, even for me! 9,151,000 Facebook users in Australia, 6,127,000 YouTube users, 1,300,000 Linkedin users.....and more than 80% are over 21 and the older demographic is now going through the roof.

What a sedge-way into our release as promised last week of Toop&Toop's YourNetwork. Some of you would have seen Marcus, our IT guru talk about it on last weeks TOOP.TV episode 50, but today is the public release of it. From now on our T&T sellers will be able to choose to really get involved in assisting their own sale if they want to, via their friends, family and networks.

While every one is jumping on the Social Network bandwagon we have already realized that any real estate agent sending out endless notices of new properties is doomed. This has already lost it's novelty and consumers are starting to be shut off sites, just like the "no junkmail" signs on letterboxes, the equivalent is happening with real estate online.

So, to stop annoying people, and to get total engagement we recognized we had to understand how all this works in the minds of the users. We had to come up with a solution if we wanted to harness this powerful marketing tool for clients.

The so often....was simple, but the solution took us 8 months to develop.

People always want to know about friends selling their house, and invariably someone they know are the best candidate or they know of someone who is. Just like the 3 steps removed theory in Adelaide, if you let your contacts and friends know about a sale, chances are they know someone who is in the market for it. Very Adelaide! By understanding our local market, YourNetwork works with your own contacts and/or social media interests.

This wizard is designed to professionally broadcast to all your friends, contacts or social media friends effortlessly and with virtually no experience on your part at all. It is safe, there are no tricks or trapping of information, just a simple process and away she goes in marketing your property in a way NEVER EVER CONTEMPLATED a few years ago.

This is virtually free, and depending on how many contacts you have, will get to an unbelievable number of people instantly and effortlessly, especially if they then send it on again to their friends and contacts.

Very exciting, very cool and a game changer!!

Next week, we launch iToop, have you had a sneak preview?? It is very close now, I am so excited for our clients, this is awesome technology for all South Australians looking to sell/buy or rent!

Don't forget, when it is time to get serious, it is time to get Toop's, sellers, did you go to Call my PA Jody on 1800toopie appraisal hotline for just for a chat about anything property, or go to and we will get back to you.

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.
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Yarrawonga said...

Hi Anthony,

I agree it is frightening when you see those kinds of numbers using social media.

This tool you have developed does sound pretty exciting. Will this tool be made available for real estate agents in different states?