Thursday, January 28, 2010

2010 is a new decade, a new era and Toop&Toop's 25th anniversary year

Recently, there have been a number of exciting changes at Toop&Toop covered by the media. Here is our InsideStory as to what is happening.

Over 25 years we have learned that sustainable success is about employing the best of the best people, backing them with resources and training, then enjoying the time you have with them. Our CEO Ian Darbyshire’s appointment as CEO of the SA Tourism Commission last week, was an endorsement of the calibre of Toops’ team! Ian needs to be acknowledged for his remarkable impact on Toop&Toop. A more strategic thinker you will not find and he leaves us in late February having given us a clear in-site into International best practice systems and business structure. His job is done at Toop’s, his legacy profound.

In every business, changes in staff can refresh and accelerate new thinking. Ian is heading off to the government and, in December, two of our selling teams set off to fulfil their dreams of owning a business. We wish them all well in their endeavours.

2010 is a new decade, a new era and Toop&Toop’s 25th anniversary year.

Behind the scenes Toop&Toop have 14 months of hard work, and investment into the future, coming to fruition in March and June this year. Newly developed software, Poseidon and Triton will go live in the field, creating time saving efficiencies never contemplated for our Property Management team, and we are extremely excited about it. This may on the surface appear boring news, but for landlords and tenants it will be a paradigm shift in customer service as they receive information in real time, as well as ensuring our management fees can remain competitive while we offer an entirely new level of service.

We also have remarkable new selling systems, with innovations never seen before being launched in Toop’s 25th year. Our second generation online property E-magazine is nearly ready to go and will further compliment our all new full colour “Toop Weekly”, now in it’s 5th edition. Toop Weekly is the highest quality property magazine you will find that is produced weekly, with extended distribution to optimise the positive impact for our clients. Be sure to secure your copy every week.

Launched in spring 09 ToopTV,, has been a huge hit. Within the next 2 - 3 weeks we will be launching the Property Advice Centre which incorporates the Property Fun House. Toop&Toop are linking all the traditional mediums with the latest technology, integrating press, radio, online TV, internet, online social networks and print in what we believe is a world first. It will be fun, exciting and simple. Toop clients will leverage their marketing spend and buyers will have more fun ways to search for property. While we are talking of having fun, iPhone users searching for sales or rental properties be sure to launch Safari and log onto then add this to your Home Screen. Check out all the new features we have incorporated for your property search. You will love the web application …yes we are working on the Apple App and can hardly contain ourselves with the opportunities Apple’s new product, launched just this week, will bring.

So it is an action packed time at Toops. We have never been so busy or had so many new initiatives to share with our clients. This is a time of opportunity, and with energy and passion we will be driving real estate to an entirely new level to celebrate our 25th year in business. The future Industry Superstars are now emerging at Toop&Toop and while we are considering the appointment of a new CEO, we have the luxury of great depth to our team, giving us time to look for exactly the right person for the role.

So if you dream of being the Best of the Best in real estate and want to be part of a Nationally Acclaimed #1 team, call us for a chat - our training agenda is awesome for 2010.
One undisputable fact about T&T - it is an exciting and passionate place to be.

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Video: Land Tax Issue - Interview with Isobel Redmond

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

© Toop Real Estate Group

Economic and social factors in play

While the 26th of January marks the First Fleet’s arrival to our country in 1788, 222 years on Australia Day allows us to celebrate so much more. Our diverse multi-cultural society, camaraderie among local communities, and all that we often take for granted yet are so privileged to have in a democracy.

This day also allows us to recognise and reflect on our history... then look to the future. When it comes to property it’s the process of distinguishing where the market has been and predicting where it is heading.

Right now there are economic and social factors in play with finance remaining one of the heavy weights. This week Westpac tightened their ‘home loan’ belt, reducing the maximum standard variable lend available for new clients from 92% to 87% of a home’s purchase price. On top of this, finance approvals across all lenders are now taking an average of 21 days to come through, in effect stalling the purchase process. For buyers, gaining pre-approval is more important than ever; it allows you to act quicker, submit unconditional offers and be placed ahead of the competition.

As for social factors... well the Australia Day public holiday, while we love it, can have an interesting impact on selling homes. The market is currently experiencing a shortage of well presented and accurately priced property. Feedback from the frontlines is there aren’t enough homes buyers can ‘just move into’ and not need to renovate or redecorate. So where does Australia Day come in? Sellers are holding off launching their homes to the market for an extra week, concerned that many buyers will be making the most of Tuesday’s holiday and heading away for a long weekend. With this in mind, next weekend could see a bumper release of new stock for buyers. Our sales team has some fantastic properties undergoing final preparations, ready for the 30th - if you’re buying be sure to see these homes first by going to

Keep an eye on Toop.TV for the latest news impacting the market. Wednesday’s show was a must see for investors as we broadcast an interview with State Opposition Leader, Isobel Redmond, on Land Tax then talked Tennis and SA Properties with Roger Rasheed. To watch or podcast the show head to As for the upcoming show, tune in on Wednesday at 1pm to find out how the Fleurieu is leading the way in sustainable living and see one of South Australia’s finest homes in Clayton Bay.

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

We're smack bang, back in a seller's market

The economy is on the mend, employment numbers are up and the corporate giants are regaining ground... which means employee transfers are happening again and investors are back!

Only 2 weeks into 2010 and we’re already seeing market conditions strengthen. Web visits from around the globe to spiked last weekend, coinciding with the New Year real estate launch, and are up a healthy 13.2% from this time last year.

‘Cashed up’ professionals who have relocated from overseas and interstate are entering the local property scene, fuelling competition amongst buyers for quality homes. The top end is well positioned to be a big winner thanks to these new buyers, with the sale of a stunning estate at Grove Street, Unley Park a prime example. Settling this past week for $4.019million the property was snatched up within a matter of days by a Chinese family new to Adelaide.

Keen investors who have been waiting for the First Home Buyer hype to die down are back in the mix and setting their sights on properties in Adelaide’s CBD. Over the past weeks our sales team has negotiated contracts for city apartments with investors from Dubai, Malaysia, Perth and Sydney.

According to our leasing team, these savvy landlords are looking in the right spot. Properties priced correctly throughout the inner city suburbs, CBD and across the metropolitan coast are currently being secured following the first open, with around 50% going to tenants who have transferred from interstate. As an anticipated rush from overseas students is expected in late January/early February, competition for accommodation in these areas will only increase in-turn pushing up weekly rents. This will likely provide balance for investors as interest rates continue to climb.

As for our ToopExec rental properties, these are currently letting to local families. A shortage of good quality homes for sale is seeing vendor’s sell quickly, then needing to rent while not compromising on quality, as they track down their ideal home.

In a nutshell... we’re smack bang, back in a seller’s market. Vendors, price your homes well and make the most of these buyers!

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.

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