Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hung Parliament = Hung Property Market?

Talk about election blues! We have a host of sellers delaying their marketing campaigns until the election hype dies down. So what should you do??

Personally I would just get on with things. Far more profound than election worries, are the dark clouds gathering over the global economy. In over 30 years of selling, it’s rarely the right time to sell. The market is either rising so you want to wait to get the most out of it, or falling so you want to hold off altogether. And when it’s stable you’re waiting for it to rise again. So you NEVER win!

Seemingly in real estate there’s always a reason to wait. I constantly see moves left too late. Growing families buying the perfect house as the kids start to move out; retirees forced to sell their high cost, high maintenance family home after they get sick or lose their partner; or first home buyers starting a family, losing their second income, and with it, the chance to buy their first home. So much stress and all because there was some reason why the timing wasn’t quite right!!

The reality…your needs are constantly changing. The choice gets back to whether you want life to simply pass you by or whether you want to optimise it. The fact is if you’re both buying and selling, you’re in the exact same position no matter what the market conditions.

Rich Harvey, CEO and founder of Property Buyer, last week said, “I believe the mood of the market has changed. With the looming Federal election this coming weekend, many buyers have been fence sitting…my prediction is the sky won’t fall in and life will continue…BUT, we are likely to see property prices go sideways for the rest of the year as the pendulum swings back in favour of buyers. The onset of the spring selling season will see many more listings flood the market, which means more competition amongst vendors.” Thanks guys for the Hung Parliament!

RP Data’s latest Property Pulse report adds statistics to the discussion of a hung property market and the time period between sales in certain suburbs. The shortest ownership time in Adelaide is for Mawson Lakes units with 146 sales averaging $320,000 and selling every 3.1 years. The longest is for houses in Collinswood with 14 sales at an average of $602,500 selling every 10.9 years. Come on Collinswood; get things revved up a bit over there! I have posted the full report here (pdf)

So, from my observations, invariably the time to sell is right now! Please don’t all decide to list your home on Saturday 16th October, like most years. Dumping new stock on the market mid spring creates major supply issues where buyers take control.

As the saying goes…JUST DO IT! Don’t get hung up on the property market!

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.
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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Beat the Spring rush - hit the market early!

There’s a feeling in the air spring is just around the corner. Maybe because it is!

Even though statistically, spring isn’t the best time to sell, it never seems to change people’s perception that it is.

So here are some Toop’s Tips. If like other vendors you have decided you must sell in spring, for goodness sake do it early! There’s usually a surge of houses hitting the market the first weekend in October. With both South Australian AFL teams unlikely to have your attention this September, and coming off the back of the Federal election, there may be an early rush this year. In a perfect world you would have already sold by now as stock levels are tight at the moment and sales are holding up really well. Then, while awaiting settlement, you can cherry pick the best buys from the seasonal flood of newly listed properties. Buyers become supremely confident when there’s an array of options to choose from!

As a seller you must be extremely careful in the way you go about the sale or it may cost you a lot of money. If you’re serious about getting the best outcome, put some time and effort into selecting the right salesperson operating within the best agency. Look behind the promises and into the reality of the resources available to the salesperson. Why not ask for a tour of the agent’s office? See what is going on behind the gloss to support promises and compare…reality will become clear. The difference Toop’s innovations can make to accessing extra buyers, through our online sales strategies and extensive database, is amazing. So be aware apples ain’t apples in the real estate world. Getting to all the buyers quickly is imperative for the best result.

Following on from last week’s InsideStory on ‘Strike me Pink, they are all kids’, page 3 of Monday’s Financial Review ran an article on ‘Agents cash in despite property lull’. The article is available onlineavailable online here (pdf) but the last paragraph says it all...“Eighty per cent of real estate sales people turn over within five years…They don’t make the cut. The long hours, the weekend work and just the general pressure. It has a high attrition rate and a high divorce rate”. We’ve been in the business 25 years and we get it.

On another note, Friday the 13th was Toop&Toop’s 25th annual awards night. It’s always a crazy fun night where Toop legends are made!!

We’ll report on the winners and the night next week. There are sure to be some great pictures, so if you’re one of our clients, I bet you’ll have trouble identifying your favourite Toop staff!

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Anthony Toop, Managing Director.
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