Friday, February 18, 2011

Technology... you can't do without it!

After a steep climb at the beginning of the year, the volume of advertised open homes appear to be finding some balance as we track toward February’s end. Buyer numbers at open inspections are seeing a slight increase, and most importantly, there is a quiet feeling of energy creeping back into the market.

In a time where breaking into the property scene, or even upgrading, commands a significant portion of the household’s income, we’re seeing many active buyers focusing their attention on homes that need little or no improvement. Presentation has always been a key element in the successful sale of a home; over the past few years we’ve been on board as this has stepped up a notch with the introduction of home ‘staging’.

Seller’s are moving from a ‘dust & declutter’ to improving the property with anything from a coat of paint or some new carpet, to a new kitchen - all for the purpose of selling their home as efficiently and effectively as possible. Once this is done, it’s a matter of getting the property into the sight of the right buyers… and thanks to technology this is now easier than ever for Toop&Toop clients.


Often a property buyer is someone who lives in the same neighbourhood or, in Adelaide especially, a friend of a friend. With social networking playing such a big part in everyday life, our web of contacts is continuing to become more intertwined with a greater reach – this is where our YourNetwork wizard comes into play. In just a few steps it allows seller’s to post their own property to their personal page on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or even email it out to their contacts. It’s seen by your contacts, their contacts and the list goes on – now that’s great viral marketing!


‘Properties in the palm of your hand’, in the truest sense of the term. If you haven’t already checked it out, download your free iToop app today and see how this transforms the way buyers search for property on their iPhone or iPad. Another value ad from Toop&Toop, this app contains all your property’s information, photos and even ToopTV video. Buyers can access it from wherever they are, in front of the signboard or search for what’s close by. Pretty handy to find additional properties while you’re doing the weekend ‘open crawl’.

Just .Toop it!

Your property’s unique web address means buyers can go straight to the information they want without the frustration of extra pages that get in the way… and that’s just the start. You can also search for all properties in a specific suburb ie. or with a specific feature Just another way to get your property to the right buyers with ease.

Unique to Toop&Toop, this technology aids the sale of our client’s properties every day, yet there’s only so much it can do. Even the best presented property with an incredibly well tailored marketing campaign won’t sell if it isn’t priced at the right level.

This is for the market to decide. So listen to the buyer feedback, know what’s on the market in your area and if the signs are there, realign your asking price. When all these elements are right, we’re seeing some quick sales and good results for sellers.

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.
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