Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Things are a changing.....and don't we know it!

In the online environment, video has become the new 'picture', and social media has taken a leap forward by pushing communication out on a scale that is hard to imagine - online media is steaming ahead, we either adapt to change or we get left behind. Consider this:

How is it that a tweet of mine last week - and I thought I only had about 6 followers - ended up in Friday's edition of The Advertiser as a quote of mine? Yes. I was named, and the quote was correct.

How is it that last month our online live and interactive real estate show - Toop.TV - saw viewers from 30 different countries - most common being the UK, followed by the US?

How is it that this very real estate blog - our weekly InsideStory - reaches not only people locally, but nationally and internationally as well? Since the beginning of the year, InsideStory has had over 400 overseas readers, from over 60 different countries.

And how is it that this week, we sold a house for close to $4 million and not even the neighbours knew about the sale!

How? Because things are changing in a BIG way.

The reach Toop&Toop are getting through the effectiveness of our online video 'sneak peak' promotions for clients and the way we are now able to spread the word about a property was inconceivable only a year ago - 12 months later, look where we're at - it's new, and very valuable territory. We're currently in our final stages of bringing together a dynamic, innovative and future-driven media mix for selling your properties. It will enable us to reach a previously unattainable market and launch us - and your property - into the online media arena, allowing us to engage with consumers like never before. It's extremely exciting and we can't wait to share it with you.

Now that buyers are doing all their real estate homework from the very comfort of their own home, at work and in the coffee shop on their iPad's, it is no surprise that by the time they physically come to an open inspection, they are ready to buy it!!

26 years in business tells me that real estate agents need to now move swiftly into the new place clients are found - if they don't, they'll surely be left behind. We also need to understand some fundamental changes in buying habits, like shortening our auction campaigns. Today, a buyer's first appearance at the house is actually equivalent to their second viewing in the OLD DAYS - and they really ARE the old days. The dynamics and pace of selling real estate have changed - whether we like it or not - and we as industry professionals need to understand this, accept it, embrace it and move forward.

WHY? What has changed so dramatically, so recently? It is the proliferation of smart phones, the arrival of the tablet - especially the iPad - and the fact you can surf the net on high-definition TV screens while relaxing on the couch! For example, this year traffic has increased four-fold on compared with last year; July alone saw 1,933 visits and this month we've seen an increase in usage by 360% - these are some serious statistics - all the more reason to jump and hold on with both hands! All the rules of marketing are shifting, and not just with the young ones either - high powered top end clients are leading the charge, and this is just the tip of the ice berg.

Embrace the new - things are a changing alright!

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