Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Winners are grinners....and there was a lot of grinning.

Last Friday night the Toop team got together for our Annual Gala Awards night to celebrate our successes.  It is a great chance to recognise all those who go above and beyond.  As per the Toop tradition - the night was spent enjoying a crazy theme and a huge amount of fun.

In such a challenging market - this year had extra importance for us.  It was a night where partners of the team were also celebrated for their contribution to our business - the business of helping our clients.  Our heart and soul goes into doing a great job and at the moment in particular, the demands are unbelievable.


The consumers and community seem so stressed. Buyers, renters, sellers... pretty much everyone is now needing constant reassurance and support from their real estate agent.


Anyway, I guess Toop&Toop are in a great position - having gone through three of these very tough periods in our 26 years.  We know the changes that need to be made and we need to draw on previous experiences.  It is so different selling in this market - compared to conditions just six months ago or even three months ago.  You really have to be on the ball now and totally committed.  This is not a time for the inexperienced or part time operator.  Everyone is back to basics - yet trained and able to use the very best technologies and tools.

One thing we do know is that buyers always buy, sellers will always sell and people rent…  in all market conditions.  As agents we acknowledge we need to do things differently if we’re to be a part of this.  The three non-negotiables for real estate agents in these conditions - 1.  the ability to fully engage the buyer, 2.  to have an extremely efficient marketing machine and 3. to be great negotiators.   


The reality is that generational profits are made in uncertain times.   As long as you don't over commit - there is an amazing opportunity to upgrade or buy property now and get so much more for your money.  Unlike shares, you can touch and feel property.  Property is rock solid and always has a value. 

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Well done to our entire team who just keep making things happen - we sure are passionate about property.

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