Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It’s awards time again... yawn!

Sellers - not so quickly….

Given recent RP Data research showing that South Australians on average hold their homes for just over 7 years, deciding who the best performing real estate agency is at the time you want to sell (or lease) your property is near impossible.

Times change in 7 years - change a great deal.¶

So how do you determine who the best operators are right now?  The top real estate agent in 2004 may not be the best in 2011, and the best agent during the "boom" may not have a clue how to sell in this tough market.

As an insider, it's pretty clear. One of the best benchmarks of a wellrun real estate business is through the rigor and auditing processes associated with business and industry awards. Sure, award wins can sometimes be luck, but luck will only bring about random results. Consistent year-after-year wins of credible and competitive industry-based awards are not possible without ACTUAL excellence - ACTUAL results.

This week our amazing Toop team beat great odds in achieving 10 finalist positions in the Real Estate Institute of SA (REISA) Awards of Excellence - congratulations to all!

Why do we say "beat great odds?"

Because we're literally running out of categories we can compete in. Toop&Toop have been honoured with Hall of Fame in 6 of our strongest award categories - that means we've had 3 wins in 5 years for each of these categories - now that's hard work. As a consequence we can no longer compete in those areas that help make us one of Australia's most respected and highest profile agencies.¶

We have achieved Hall of Fame status in all these categories : Large Residential Agency of  the Year 2010, Sales Person of the Year (Peter Veitch) 2008, Large Property Management Agency of the Year 2010, Innovation 2010, Community Service (Anthony Toop) 2011 and Website of the Year 2010.¶

Such a privilege - yet so tough to no longer be able to check in each year and benchmark our year's performance against the best of the best in Australia.¶

Along with SA awards, we've also been honoured with top awards from the Real Estate Institution of Australia (REIA) - National Large Residential Agency of the Year in 2007 and National Small Agency of the Year (Stirling) 2011. These achievements were career highlights.

Make no mistake that these are pinnacle industry awards. They're almost impossible to win against the big hitters around the nation, and these great achievements show just how good South Australian real estate agents are.¶

For entirely different reasons, this week REISA announcing Toop&Toop's 10 finalist positions has shown a great depth to our team we hadn't previously acknowledged. Congratulations to them all. With winners being announced in the coming weeks, be sure to watch this space!¶

So, if you're not sure where to start in your search for your real estate agent this year, take the safe option. We would be honoured to show what passion and commitment can achieve for you, especially in a tough market.¶

If 2011 is your moving year, it's no yawning matter. Pick up the phone today, NOW is the time to get moving - right now !


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