Thursday, October 20, 2011

Awards Awards Awards really translate to better results for our home sellers and landlords?

To answer that - you need to understand what it is that drives an organisation. What the people inside an organisation think and how they act. I believe awards give clear insight into the culture of a business.

It's no secret that Toop&Toop have a 26 year history of winning awards. It was after several years in business when we began to win our really big awards... including the coveted Australian Customer Service Award.  This was a decade prior to the real estate industry commencing their Awards program in 2005.

An incredible highlight for me was receiving a personal letter of congratulations from the Prime Minister. Last year being awarded the pinnacle of SA awards, the 'Robert Torrens Award', for service to the profession, winning National Agency of the year twice and being first inducted into the Agency Hall of Fame were all very close seconds.

This year, to be inducted into the 'Community Service Hall of Fame', while my brother Lew was awarded the 2011 'Community Service Award' was a special and very proud moment for me too. As a home grown South Aussie, these awards hold a particularly special place.
But how does this all relate to you. What relationship is there between Toop&Toop doing better things and getting better results... and how does that translate for our clients and customers?

It's all about culture. It's about creating an atmosphere where being the best is important. About being proud and motivated to go that extra mile. It's about knowing that every year we choose to put ourselves up against any new or improved competition. It's the only true benchmark we have to judge ourselves against and to drive positive change constantly. There is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide… the results are the results.

It's about being scrutinized by the judges, leaders in our own Community. It's about bearing all and letting audits be conducted behind all the smoke and mirrors....this is intimidating and revealing for all our team, but they do it willingly.

Claims are easy, reality is tough, and all claims have to be substantiated. The tough stuff… we don't always agree with the judges decisions, but that's the price of being subjected to often subjective assessment.

Sure anyone will admit you can fluke it once in a while. You can maybe win when you are fresh and exciting, you can impress the judges on the day.....BUT....the one thing you can count on, it's just not possible to win these awards year in year out with out running a damn good business.
So, do in fact, awards relate to better results for our home sellers and landlords?

In our case it's a resounding yes. Our culture of performance, our commitment to innovation, our self imposed standards of customer service and our pride are all linked to being the best operators in the Nation and world leaders in Innovation in real estate. We know quickly when we are off the pace, we know when we are kicking goals.

While we have pretty much Hall of Fame'd our way out of our 'FAMOUS' categories in the REISA competition, we still have much work to do.  We need to change our business to win for our clients against the changed market conditions.

2012 we are focused on lifting our service levels to new nights, harnessing new technology and stepping up our training. We are passionate in (& love) achieving results when competitors can not. We are completely absorbed in lifting the bar.....and if we achieve our goals, the awards will follow.

So to all that have had the courage to enter these awards, whether finalists or winners – congratulations you deserve the recognition.

At the end of the day, our greatest judges of all are YOU!

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