Wednesday, November 30, 2011

³Caveat Emptor²... Buyer Beware

Chewing the fat yesterday with Tim (Thredgold) who has shared 24 years with me in the trenches - and I might add for those pessimists out there, through much worse conditions than now - Tim brought up a great point. Buyers may have forgotten that to buy a property… they have to actually make an offer or bid at the auction. Quite hilarious really, the fact that there are buyers circulating the inspections who just need to say...."We like it", then actually buy it!!

I quote Tim: 'We hear, at our opens, "…there's not much on the market…" and "…oh we think we'll buy in a year or two…" or "…it's a buyers market so we'll just keep looking…"

Tim goes on to advise buyers  'Well it is time to make an offer. Many current sellers are very keen to sell prior to Christmas... but unless you make an offer you'll never know what could have been....We'll then deal with your offer and present it to the owners... give you some feedback ... who knows you may just buy a property and end the drudgery of walking through opens week after week - and have something really special to celebrate this Christmas.'

Most sellers are happy to sell when they get a fair price. The sellers understand where the market is now. Conditions appear to have stabilised.
Over the many years, I've seen buyers put their lives – and the lives of their families - on hold. Always waiting for the end of the boom, the bottom of the market, the freeing up of finance, the drop in interest rates, and so on. There are 101 reasons not to do anything, but unfortunately we only get one crack at life and in these times our lives can simply pass us by.

Buyer beware, don't put your lives on hold, seize the day and make the move. This is a great time for you to get hold of a beautiful piece of real estate and make it your home.

Next week we'll have an end of year wrap. I caught up with Craig James (CommSec's Chief Economist) on Thursday and now have all the latest facts and predictions from those in the know.

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