Thursday, November 17, 2011

Landlords impacted by State Government cut backs....

Massive Delays....Residential Tenancies Tribunal blame cuts in funding for massive delays getting cases heard and bond refunds to Landlords with claims against the tenant.

TRIBUNAL DECISIONS.....The imbalance between outcomes for Landlords verses tenants anecdotally seems to be widening too as decisions coming from Tribunal Hearings often leave landlords shaking their heads in amazement.

The situation has got so bad that Landlords commonly accuse agents of "working for the Tenant" as they are advised of the Tribunal formula's applied to claims, the delays and of the surprise decisions being reached in this tribunal environment. For the novice, it is quite an eye opener where logic and fairness seem to have little to do with reality.

This week on we open up the discussion on some of the weird stuff going on in this space. If you are a landlord, you need to log on and watch this weeks show.

Sales.....yep the year is nearly done and South Australia will end up in a reasonable space to finish 2011.

I was talking to some really smart real estate mates on Tuesday night at a function -  one is deeply involved in Whyalla....he says the predicted demand from the much talked about mining boom is already under way up there, and to move quickly.

At the same function I was getting the inside goss an where those close to market forecasting think things are tracking in property....18 months is the timeframe "smart people" are now honing in on as to the start of the next cycle for South Australia.

If you haven't already done so, you must log on ( click Fireside Chat) and watch my Ralph Norris MD & CEO of Commonwealth Bank interview on his predictions and advice to us. We are following this closely as our market is caught up between Europe's meltdown and our own great infrastructure and mining announcements.

I have got the Gurus booked in for Toop.TV in 2 weeks time so I am very excited about getting a December update on all things property for you all for the end of the year.

Last Friday I was a guest on Your Money Your Call with Chris Gray in Sydney, the night went well where we got great national coverage on the fact Australians should be investing in South Australia. The phones have since been ringing from people around Australia considering investing here....shhhhh, don't tell them about the Residential Tenancies Tribunal, hey!

REMINDER; the year is nearly done.... if you are selling this year, time is almost up. Call us NOW to sell.

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