Wednesday, November 23, 2011

November is now done....sales have really stepped up as buyers seem to have switched on again....hooray.

Some massive auction results last week with another $3+million sale under the hammer and a $2 million sale with 10 registered bidders! There are buyers everywhere, so we need to hear from you if you're selling.

So… what if you need to sell before Christmas?

From this week on we have modified selling strategies and shortened auction campaigns to get sales across the line for our sellers. This is a time of the year that clients really want to see some action and that takes a lot of focus from our end.

Suppliers - like sign writers and printers - are harder to pin down, yet unlike previous years we are gearing up for a busy end to 2011. We sense that the sellers are in the mood to do the deals and buyers recognise that this is as good a time as ever to just get on with their purchase, and are doing just that.

The peak amount of interstate and international activity occurs in January and we want to ensure our clients get access to these buyers....lots of "lucky sales" in January every year.

So.... here at Toop's it's flat out right to the line on Christmas Eve, a few days off through to New Years Eve, and then pedal to the metal making things happen for those wanting sale results with both online and traditional marketing machines running flat out.

Video commercials are absolutely gold for selling online over this period and our Toop.TV crew are busy getting commercials edited and online for this busy time. Our Toop.TV crew are so exhausted that I have insisted they take a couple of weeks off, so ring ASAP to get the video commercial ads done prior to Christmas and online straight away. They're an incredible way to sell property yet help save buyers coming through your home over this period. A great qualifier and buyer filter too.

So make your move now, get organized and get your sale happening. There's a saying, "if it is to be, it is up to me", we just need to make these sales happen for you but we can't do it with out your help. Ring now

Christmas at Toop's is about getting that sale done for our clients.....I hope we can deliver for you.

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