Thursday, December 15, 2011

The final report for the year...and what a ripper it is!

Fantastic and very positive news came from the RP Data "Best of the Best - 2011" report on Wednesday, with Adelaide achieving notable results! We performed right up there with the very best in the Nation. The standouts for South Australia were Brighton and Mitcham, which came in 4th and 7th position in the Top10 highest median price growth list.

I have attached the full report to our InsideStory blog (download here); property people will definitely want to look at the report in its will make your Christmas!

Now you may well ask the question: how does this reconcile with the reported 20% softening in the market this year? Well, the explanation I have is that there have been winners and losers in the market, with Top End properties proving to be the overall standout winners. While first home buyers have been lost for most of 2011, the bonus for property people is that there has been a skew to the activity up the food chain. This has helped hold official median prices at an optimistic level.

Home sellers know how tough it has been, but let's bask in the glory of some really outstanding stats and just enjoy the moment!

So, on the practical side of selling properties this close to Christmas, right now is the time you need to set your 2012 selling strategy. As we pointed out last week, it is imperative that those looking to get a move on with the sale of their property contact one of our team to run through some high energy, new year marketing strategies. We have set up some great initiatives and we're helping with the sale costs in January. So NOW is the time to get on board!

To all our clients and friends of Toop&Toop and to all the Community, a very heart felt THANK YOU for all your support through 2011. To our very special Toop Team, a public thank you to you all, your efforts have been amazing under tough conditions.
Have a happy and safe festive season, then when you are ready to get serious, be sure to give us a call. We are ready to throw every ounce of energy and expertise behind you to support your sale in 2012.

Thank you again, your loyalty and support has been very much appreciated.

Anthony Toop
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