Thursday, December 08, 2011

Forget a house for Christmas!

Father Christmas has arrived just in time for homebuyers…  that's if your bank passes on the 0.5% savings the Reserve Bank has made in the past 2 months.

Think about this. The reality is that a $700k house you may have bought in 2010, today you can buy that same house for around $650k or less... and there are plenty of examples of this, just ask your neighbours.  Add the savings from the last two interest rate drops – that gives you another say $22k to play with.  Either pocket the savings or buy a better house… either way it's got to be fantastic news.


No one knows? But what we do know is that houses are great value, and if you have a stable job, this is the time to start moving up, or buying up investments. As we said last week, luck alone picks the absolute top, or the absolute bottom and this is seasonally a very good time to be buying...and many informed commentators are predicting that we have already bottomed out in SA.

Last Thursday I recorded an exclusive interview with CommSec's Chief Economist Craig James, where he predicted a 3% rise in property prices in 2012 in this state. To view this half hour interview, simply log on to and click on Fireside Chat – there are some very interesting predictions for property owners in 2012.

Father Christmas delivers to sellers too...

Now sellers of property, we need to hear from you this week! We have a 2012 recessionary marketing initiative that launches in January; a high energy approach to getting your sale. Much of the costs for this once off initiative will be borne by Toop&Toop - we're playing Santa in January.

While competitors play catch up with our online dominance and video marketing, Toop&Toop will reset standards in customer service and communication in 2012. I am so pumped up with what we believe can be achieved as the iPad2 and tablet market takes off, and smart phones dominate. We have been there from the start, and our clients are about to get pay back as we tap into this tidal wave of users. Online is absolutely made for real estate marketing… a gift from heaven in tough times. Video is huge!

Unlike last year, Toop&Toop are prepared for tough selling conditions in 2012. We say bring it on as we have seriously changed things around. I have fast tracked and thrown everything at getting our online marketing and database selling to another level of sophistication.

Sellers will win because Toop&Toop will have the buyers!

Buyers will be like kids in a lolly shop with what we are currently working on and set for release early 2012.

Call right now to sell in January.
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