Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Boom Conditions last weekend...what is happening?

Sellers, it's BACK TO THE FUTURE at Toop& marketing for real estate junkies in 2012!

Week 1 boom?  An unbelievable start to 2012, but one awesome week doesn't make a BOOM. Sure we're feeling pretty happy about our decision to get back to work early, but the incredible lack of competitor agents working last week may have created this selling spree for our clients.

Let's see how the next few weeks go but buyers were aggressive, sales were swift and the opening of the 2012 selling season has been exhilarating. It's possible South Australians are sick of putting their lives on hold and understand that if you have a secure job, now is possibly the very best time in many years to get on with your property moves... investors are back in 2012 too!

Back to the future.  At Toop&Toop, we built our business in the impossible markets of the late 80s, and again in the shocking conditions of the late 90s. We have gone back in time and picked the most successful innovations we introduced then, and made them 2012 savvy.

This weekend we launch the most exciting innovation since iToop - Australia's first real estate iPhone app. We have completely re-engineered our ToopWeekly magazine. Our 2012 weekly gloss magazine has gone back in time, including all the features buyers want.

A magazine produced to get listings, or a magazine to sell properties? Over the past 10 years the purpose of real estate magazines got lost. They became superficial, they went monthly, fortnightly or completely disappeared. They lost all their selling value with the dominance of online. But you DO NEED both.

Toop&Toop got lazy through the boom. We didn't really need the mag apart from getting listings, and we took the easy path and dropped the most important features that buyers needed. We dropped the most important detail of all, weekly open inspection times - too hard. We stopped putting every single property in it - too hard. We stopped putting any real detail like land size in it - too hard. We completely stopped pre-planning open inspections weeks ahead for our clients – just too hard, and not really needed in boom times.

Well now with 2012 technology, we've weaved together the best online marketing in real estate in Australia with hi tech printing technology. The result. Weekly - a full gloss printed real estate bible.   This week we launch the real estate publication for real estate junkies.

Every single Toop&Toop client once again gets advertised UNTIL SOLD. Buyers get a functional one book that has it all, including direct index to every property's web address.
We haven't offered UNTIL SOLD advertising to our clients for more than a decade. We return to proven common sense selling principles, combined with our award winning Toop&Toop online selling horsepower. 2012 sees the return of a low cost and fully integrated approach to selling. Just like the old days - but backed with today's best technology.
Toop&Toop are back doing what we do best, selling, renting and auctioning houses like no other.

Get you property fix, get your copy of ToopWeekly at any Toop&Toop inspection or office this weekend.  The ToopWeekly together with your free iToop app now work hand in hand - there is nothing like it.

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