Wednesday, February 01, 2012

All Things the wheels keep turning.

Fads come and go, markets rise and fall, businesses boom and bust, people come and then move on... but some things never change.

Way back in 1988, Toop&Toop produced a corporate brochure - its title was "All Things Change". In those days, we had to "borrow" the father of one of our staff members to feature in the brochure so we had "someone with grey hair." Genevieve, our eldest daughter, also featured in it as a three year old. In those days, we were passionate about doing things better, doing things differently and reinventing an industry stuck in tradition. We wanted to show diversity.

The function of a traditional real estate agency was then, and remains today, at risk of becoming irrelevant to our information seeking customers, and that is why innovation is absolutely crucial for our survival.  

We recruited people with passion and we were driven by our customer's needs. This led to an array of innovation and plenty of flack from the 'Ole Boys' of the industry.
It seems that while all things have changed, ironically at the same time very little has changed. The major difference is these days, we don't have to look far to find experience in our Toop&Toop team; when preparing for a photo shoot, we no longer need the fathers of staff to assist, the diversity is organic.

The future is amazing, providing our focus is kept clearly on our customers, and not on competitors, nor on ego. Competitors and fads will come and go, but if we ensure to do what we do best, our customers will always remain.

Our customer's needs are moving more quickly than ever.  Providing we continue to predict and move where they're heading before they get there, we believe we can truly make a difference to our customers and our profession.

Our people are paramount to our business; they are the most critical link between innovation, systems and best practice for our customers.

Today, we see the return of one of our most passionate and enthusiastic Sales Partners, and we see the arrival of arguably the most highly respected and energetic real estate identities on the Fleurieu to our Victor Harbor Office.

Welcome back Peter Brown (Browny) and welcome aboard Roger Smith.

It is an honour to be able to support you both with Australia's most influential, highly awarded and sophisticated selling systems in the real estate industry. Your passion and commitment to your clients can not be questioned. Toop&Toop's desire to lead our profession and take care of our customers, through supporting our team with industry best marketing and innovation, grows stronger every year.

Some things never change... customers reward quality, they are comforted by experience and they respect results.

2012 is the beginning of an exciting new era, how the wheels keep turning.

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