Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Landlord business is big business and it is a 24/7 business!

Just one investment property makes you a landlord…  that means you're the owner of a small business.   The business of property like all businesses needs managing properly... PROFESSIONALLY.
In the current climate with the often antiquated and strict legal requirements (especially with the current under resourced administration of the Residential Tenancies Act), the business of being a landlord can be an absolute minefield. Today thanks to the complexity of the law, the confusion that is being touted, the delays in hearings and the demanding nature of tenants, experience and resources are needed to avoid getting yourself and your business into unpleasant, risky and sometimes expensive situations.
How do I know this… Sylvia and I started our real estate business back in 1985. Typical of the time we started with a couple of sales… and then we had a couple of buyers wanting to rent their houses out.  So we started a property management business.  We slowly built it "brick by brick".  Over 27 years it has grown to where it is today at 2,000 properties and has become one of the largest in this state – brick by brick.
So is it all about size?  Biggest does not necessarily translate to best. What we do know however is that size does matter when it comes to landlords protecting their investment and scale is critical to achieving optimum returns under tough conditions.  
Size matters when it comes to 1) contacts & connections – you need clout when it comes to negotiating lower maintenance costs and contracts, 2) marketing - dominant online marketing attracts the best tenants in the shortest time frames, 3) results - local offices and sophisticated databases record every detail and means we can maximize rental returns where smaller operators will struggle, 4) specialists and resources - competent, experienced relief staff and specialists to provide seamless around the clock management when things occasionally don't go to plan.
The game continues to change and the business of managing an investment property is changing fast – it makes me dizzy with the number of rental businesses changing hands at the moment.  People with no experience are taking on large rental businesses without having learnt the lessons along the way.
Now here's the hard sell…  we've had enquiries this week from people thinking of changing agents as rent roles have been changing hands fast and furious lately it seems. This in turn is often disruptive to the business of being a landlord.  So don't sign any new agency without giving us a call first.
Why not ring me to have a confidential chat about the management of your investment property – there is nothing to lose and everything to gain. You may discover an enormous difference in the capabilities and experience of the various agencies. We're well practiced at making the transition to Toop&Toop painless while simultaneously driving enormous tangible benefits to the health of your rental business.
Toop&Toop Property Management are the first agency inducted into the REISA Hall of Fame… the highest accolade in the state.  This doesn't happen by accident – it takes a lot of hard work, sweat and tears and mostly a lot of experience.
While we're talking investments, be sure to head down to Victor and the South Coast over Easter and pick up a bargain with one of our INVEST FLEURIEU Easter Monday Auctions. Organise your finances this week, go to and check out the 20 auction properties - from shack to mansion – they're all going under the hammer Easter Monday.
Fleurieu rentals are available to lease long term and as holiday letting, or maybe you are a first home buyer looking to buy a great house within commutable distance from town... best buying in years.
Anthony Toop
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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

If we have to explain, you won't understand!

Toop.TV is attracting the big guns...great connections and great information, but more importantly - a strong following creating amazing traffic.

Exclusive Toop.TV interviews are running especially hot recently. This week, CommSec's Chief Economist Craig James dropped into our Toop.TV studio at Kensington House and went live talking all things real estate, and focussed particularly on our local market.

Craig also agreed to do my Weekly Market Update for me. This video summary is easy to find on our home page and updated with the latest market information every Wednesday...check it out, a great way to stay in tune with what is happening in property. Landlords and investors - this is a must see for you.

People ask why we bother with Toop.TV? What does it have to do with selling and renting more houses?

There is a saying amongst Harley Davidson riders: "Why ride? We answer: if we have to explain, you won't understand."  Toop.TV works a bit the same way.

Once you have the capacity to produce weekly near-broadcast quality content, all the rules change. We are creating massive marketing clout for our clients with high traffic and up to date content. Showcasing Toop&Toop properties extremely cost effectively for our client, yet with high quality video marketing and content, no other real estate agents can get. This reaches global markets and spoils our local buyers with incredible results for the seller. quote a 400% higher click through on video. We see the difference in the buyers who view quality property videos; they arrive ready to buy first inspection. Sellers get a remarkable edge on all competing online advertising. There is no doubt about it - video is the new photo.

Our high level interviews are creating a cult-like following; the rawness and honesty of the content attracts journo, investor and buyer enquiry from around the globe.

"If you don't get online, there is no point in me trying to explain." Best to just try it for yourself sometime. Like Harley riding, some things you just can't explain.

Now the "InvestFleurieu" Easter Monday Auction Selldown is officially under way. Go to to view all the property and land that is going under the hammer. 20 onsite auctions, ready for 5 auctioneers to go flat out all day Easter Monday, all down on the South Coast.
First home buyers, investors, holiday makers: come down and buy something while the buying is so good! Serious sellers taking their sale seriously - your golden opportunity to buy while the market is tough. Smart money buys counter cyclic, the time is now! Become a landlord, we'll manage it for you, regardless of whether it's a holiday or permanent rental.

We will be featuring these HOT properties in a special Toop.TV show. Register for a reminder at

So, what an extraordinary time, we are loving it. Toop&Toop are taking on the market and making things happen...that is what we are famous for.

See you down at the Fleurieu on Easter Monday...

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Making things happen... "Invest Fleurieu"

There is always two sides to any story… and property is certainly no different.

If the market is dead - no activity at all - then it is the bold who win. Fortunes are made by those who have the courage to buy when others don't, and invest counter cyclic to "the mob".

Well we've now identified the Fleurieu as having some of the state's best buys. The mining sector love the cooler climate, the beaches and the surf...and travel only one hour from the airport is just perfect.

Adelaide buyers have a getaway in the blue chip of holiday destinations, have the option of generating income with either holiday letting or long term rental...or just keep their getaway for their own special weekends. Think of the investment potential, plus all of the lifestyle options.
First home buyers can buy and commute, how easy that will be as the new Southern Expressway makes travelling to Adelaide a real option. Imagine
buying in a holiday location, at rural prices, while earning city salaries only 20 minutes from the suburbs!

Well Toop&Toop are turning a dead market into a generational opportunity and offering up to 20 properties including some PRIME LAND in a monster Easter Monday Auction Sell Down. All properties auctioned on site, 5 auctioneers going flat out all day to sell these properties under the hammer.

Will we sell them all? Well… only time will tell, but if you are auctioning your property one thing is for sure, it is a genuine event with genuine motivation providing GENUINE opportunities for the smart buyers, developers and investors.
How will it work?

Up to 20 properties will be released over the coming weeks along the Fleurieu – from shack to mansion. They will all be auctioned on Easter Monday - 9 April 2012. We're looking for Adelaide and interstate buyers - so we'll have a great presence online to enable buyers to virtually buy online. We anticipate buyers will attend for Easter inspections on Saturday and Sunday and have a go at buying at auction on the Monday. Rental and holiday letting appraisals will be available on all properties.

We assume the locals will be buzzing around as per usual, but it is the wider market who can really leverage this opportunity. Locals are less likely to appreciate the medium to long term opportunity because they are way too close to it - this paradise is their everyday, now you have the opportunity to make it yours.

Buying property can be spontaneous, especially at the incredible value the buying is currently in the Fleurieu.
I can hear the "mob" saying in 5 years time... "if only we had bought at that Easter Monday Auction Sell Down Toop's had...think what we could have had!"

If it's to be, it's up to me; seize the opportunity, get your finances organised now, and we'll see you Easter Monday to secure your nest eggs... so much more than an Easter egg!

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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

It¹s all about results...

Wow... it's been another big week of sales here at Toop&Toop. Although we are achieving exceptional sales, it has been a struggle to meet the demands of buyers, because new listings are scarce and harder to come by.
This confirms my thinking - in 2012 agent buyer databases are once again "King" when it comes to selling. Through the boom, any half competent real estate agent could pretty much sell anything; it was far more difficult to see the benefits of a strategic marketing campaign. Now the gap widens as market conditions change. Here's a classic example of what's happening at the moment… earlier this week, we had a sale of a $2 million property, well before the sign went up, before the property was publicly released. This is not a one off and is not only happening in the top end of the market, it's also occurring in the more affordable market segments.
Off market sales like this are typical when buyers are advised of newly listed properties and immediately swoop on the opportunity. But how do they find out about these properties, before everyone else? By being registered on a database, that's how.

Toop&Toop's VirtualAgent patented selling system works off a collaborative database of buyers. This has made Toop&Toop famous over the years (we've won heaps of awards, including national REI's). However, during the boom we did not treat it with the priority it deserved. Now that data is once again King, we are currently investing heavily in upgrading its functionality with 2012 innovations that are seriously exciting. VirtualAgent 2012 is being trialled right now and will leapfrog the market in capabilities to sell and promote houses like never before. This is seriously ground breaking technology and we are so excited to be in trial mode and soon able to offer our clients the highest service available in Australia – so stay tuned!

That said, innovation is everything at present. Without passion, commitment and resources, it will be a long year for real estate agents as volumes of transactions are down enormously on the highs of the boom...this is a defining time for our industry. Nationally real estate agents are leaving the industry in droves. Fair weathered and tired operators are rethinking; some have either gone broke or are well on their way to becoming so. Organisations like ours, with 27 years experience, are back on the front foot, reinventing themselves with new, exciting and innovative marketing and we are developing all new selling tools - an entirely new way to sell property in this new environment. So real estate is a whole new ball game. It's about results and no longer about the smoke and mirrors of the boom time - the consumer is demanding that our industry step up and show leadership.
Oh, and I have some exciting news for Landlords…Introducing 'Adelaide Property Management News', a public blog dedicated to bringing you – the Landlord - valuable, informative and timely information about the South Australian rental market. This service is offered to Toop&Toop clients and the public, a high level two-way communication resource on everything property management. So go to  - we'd love to have you on board.
LANDLORDS…exclusively on ToopTV this week, Opposition Leader Isobel Redmond committed as a priority to review the Residential Tenancies Act and it's operations - now that's exciting news.
Landlords and sellers...we would love to hear from you. We have a shortage of properties and plenty of buyers, so please give us a call and see how we can help you. We are serious about real estate – it's what we live and breathe.

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