Wednesday, March 21, 2012

If we have to explain, you won't understand!

Toop.TV is attracting the big guns...great connections and great information, but more importantly - a strong following creating amazing traffic.

Exclusive Toop.TV interviews are running especially hot recently. This week, CommSec's Chief Economist Craig James dropped into our Toop.TV studio at Kensington House and went live talking all things real estate, and focussed particularly on our local market.

Craig also agreed to do my Weekly Market Update for me. This video summary is easy to find on our home page and updated with the latest market information every Wednesday...check it out, a great way to stay in tune with what is happening in property. Landlords and investors - this is a must see for you.

People ask why we bother with Toop.TV? What does it have to do with selling and renting more houses?

There is a saying amongst Harley Davidson riders: "Why ride? We answer: if we have to explain, you won't understand."  Toop.TV works a bit the same way.

Once you have the capacity to produce weekly near-broadcast quality content, all the rules change. We are creating massive marketing clout for our clients with high traffic and up to date content. Showcasing Toop&Toop properties extremely cost effectively for our client, yet with high quality video marketing and content, no other real estate agents can get. This reaches global markets and spoils our local buyers with incredible results for the seller. quote a 400% higher click through on video. We see the difference in the buyers who view quality property videos; they arrive ready to buy first inspection. Sellers get a remarkable edge on all competing online advertising. There is no doubt about it - video is the new photo.

Our high level interviews are creating a cult-like following; the rawness and honesty of the content attracts journo, investor and buyer enquiry from around the globe.

"If you don't get online, there is no point in me trying to explain." Best to just try it for yourself sometime. Like Harley riding, some things you just can't explain.

Now the "InvestFleurieu" Easter Monday Auction Selldown is officially under way. Go to to view all the property and land that is going under the hammer. 20 onsite auctions, ready for 5 auctioneers to go flat out all day Easter Monday, all down on the South Coast.
First home buyers, investors, holiday makers: come down and buy something while the buying is so good! Serious sellers taking their sale seriously - your golden opportunity to buy while the market is tough. Smart money buys counter cyclic, the time is now! Become a landlord, we'll manage it for you, regardless of whether it's a holiday or permanent rental.

We will be featuring these HOT properties in a special Toop.TV show. Register for a reminder at

So, what an extraordinary time, we are loving it. Toop&Toop are taking on the market and making things happen...that is what we are famous for.

See you down at the Fleurieu on Easter Monday...

Anthony Toop Follow me on Twitter: @Anthony_Toop or call 0418 824 188

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