Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sellers...has your local real estate agent become like a new family member? Do they almost live at your place??

Official time on market is blowing out on many sellers' properties, to the point the real estate agent either feels like they have become a part of the family OR they stop calling you. Agents no longer know what to say to their sellers any more. This is the new world of real estate.

Generally by this time in the sale process (after the initial 90 days), all of your advertising money is spent! Resentment on both sides builds and things can get tense. Arguments break out between the owners, and long periods on market often result in stress and an 'out of control' feeling.  So much work preparing for endless inspections both agent and owner can be completely over each other. You know by this time it is time to change things around.

Well there is some great news if you have been on the market for ages, and you are serious about selling. There are simply heaps of buyers, and with the right approach, a positive attitude and good market knowledge - a sale is very close.

Toop&Toop have teamed up with suppliers and we have developed new selling and advertising packages. This includes press, online and pumped up Sales Partners. We are becoming experts on refreshing and invigorating stale, over exposed properties.

Toop&Toop are tracking with far more vigilance the active buyers and we are stepping up to the challenge with incredible new and innovative marketing and selling. As mentioned, our award winning and patented VirtualAgent selling system is being re-built around the new iPad and smart devices and is in final testing in the field. VirtualAgent is BACK, better and faster than ever, working 24/7 for our Sales Partners, assisting them to make sure they do not miss a single active buyer that is a match for your property.

Both buyer and seller get a win. Buyers get VIP viewings before public release of new properties, and get first notice of price changes... Sellers have pinpoint access to the right buyers, pre-qualified and known to us as "ready to go."

Toop&Toop have consistently been selling properties between 30% and 45% faster than the average agency. Average days on market for other agencies in our office areas are (1) Norwood 109, we are at 66 average days on market, (2) Hyde Park 90 days, we are at 55, (3) Glenelg 104 we are at 54, (4) Golden Grove average is 129, we are at 95, (5) Stirling 115, we are at 67 and last but not least Victor Harbor at 141 days, we are 136 average days on market.

Even more telling is the number of agents not achieving sales at all - the pain is real. Rather than leave the sales team to fend for themselves, we are throwing everything at reinventing selling, and backing the team in.

So...we are all about solutions. If you're sick of it, we want to hear from you. Call me now and let's change things up a notch. Toop&Toop has its 27th birthday on the 8th of May and we built this business in markets way tougher than this...this is easy street compared to then. We are back...reinventing selling. We want to hear from everyone who is struggling to sell - whether it be yourself, your neighbour, your colleague or your best mate - because if you feel it's time to get serious, then it really is time to get Toop&Toop.

Special packages for long-term sellers are ready to go now - sell before winter, let's fire things up.

Call one of the team, call me, anytime – now is the time to get serious.

Anthony Toop Follow me on Twitter: @Anthony_Toop or call 0418 824 188

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