Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Getting excited now...

VirtualAgent® 2012 our new generation patented selling system is looking gooood! We are changing the real estate paradigm.


1) a marketing budget of around $3.5 million a year to attract buyers to your home;

2) capturing accurate property requirements and contact details of around 90% of the active buyers looking for a property at any given time;

3) giving the most serious buyers forward notice and exclusive pre-release inspection of exciting new releases;

4) keeping buyers engaged over extended periods by providing them with up-to-the-minute commentary on the SA and Adelaide property market, including an accurate weekly report "from the trenches";

5) providing advance notice of new properties that suit your requirements 24/7, whether the agent is sick, away, busy or even heaven forbid, slack!!!

6) only having to provide your details once and then the entire Toop&Toop Team goes to work to assist you in finding your new dream property;

7) have the ability to manage your own registration at all times - turn it on, turn it off, select what you are interested in from a menu of services; and finally

8) control the way you want to be kept informed - SMS, email or even the old fashioned way - a phone call!

Over the coming weeks we go live on our all new consolidated database, we launch our all new 2012 website, and VirtualAgent will begin appearing at our weekend inspections...keep an eye out for our team with iPads, this is no off the shelf program I assure you!

Why would Toop&Toop bother spending all this money and resources on VirtualAgent?

Simple. If we can get buyers to want to register with us because they get special services, advanced notice of properties, and we know who they are, and we then provide an easy way to communicate.. we will have an enormous advantage in selling properties. Pretty basic logic. Know who the buyers are, what they want, then deliver it to them.

As a buyer, how do I participate in the trials? Go to and go to "register as a buyer", fill in your requirements, subscribe to the services you want and let me know what you think.

I am so excited, this new technology is a real estate agent's savior in tough times. There are lots of iPad applications out there, but I assure you there are no other agents in this country with this level of technology. Field trials are well underway.

As we say, when it's time to get serious, it's time to get Team us if you are serious about selling.

Anthony Toop
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