Wednesday, May 16, 2012

VirtualAgent® is back....

Years ago Toop&Toop won the innovation award at both state and national levels in their respective Real Estate Institutes for our selling system we called and branded VirtualAgent®.

Remember in the late 90's and early 2000’s coming to a Toop&Toop Secure Inspection seeing barcodes, registers and scanners? The system checked who you were and registered you at the Secure Inspection. This system achieved many things, it registered buyer requirements, had an intelligent matching system that operated in the same way that buyers think - and earned us the rights to a Patent -  and it knew who was walking into your home. This ground breaking technology was the very earliest adopter of a commercial use of SMS, back when SMS's were virtually unheard of.

So, we developed world first selling technology that essentially acted as a virtual real estate agent. It captured information, it chalked it intelligently against the property listings and it auto broadcast updates.

VirtualAgent® has recently seen companies trying to purchase our registered name and this system has been copied in various parts all over Australia.

Anyway that is the old news.

Today's news is we are in field test mode of VirtualAgent® 2012, and I am so pumped about how we will again leapfrog the current technologies and set all new standards in marketing.

Think about this for just a second. We spend around $4million a year of our money and clients’ money attracting buyers to look at our clients’ properties. In a traditional agency around 95% of the respondents are attracted once and that is it.

Imagine you’re time poor or hate shopping – imagine a system that puts the perfect house in the palm of your hand… or maybe being invited to view a property on a Thursday night before the public has even heard of the property. Every agent in the world carries on about their wonderful databases! But VirtualAgent® is not about just a database, it is a publishing and tracking system, and it is awesome. Unlike buyers on public portals, we know our buyers well, we track their changing needs and can contact them individually – this is powerful.

Toop&Toop are about to change all the rules again when it comes to efficient fast selling outcomes, and it is all about leveraging technology, and leveraging everyone's marketing dollars to capture all buyers in this market.

Very exciting times, we are on to selling in tough markets.

VirtualAgent® is back!

Remember ..."when it is time to get serious, it is definitely time to get Team Toop."

Anthony Toop
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