Saturday, June 02, 2012


Staff and friends have learnt never to tell me a secret.

On the other hand, when it comes to confidentiality, I am awesome - work that out.

In my world, a secret is usually personal, and confidentiality is business. Invariably, secrets turn into gossip, move faster and are far more exciting than the facts.

Well last Saturday, The Advertiser's front page carried a story about my next challenge in life. If you missed it, I started treatment last Monday for cancer of the oesophagus. There went the secret.  Anyway it is great that people no longer are looking at me sideways pretending they knew nothing.  Now everyone can just relax, it is true and it is out there.

The prognosis of my cancer is looking really positive, we got it early. Realistically, I am out of front line action for a while as this will require all my focus and energy.

So what changes at Toop&Toop – what does that mean for our clients?
We are a 27 year old family business and given we have completely re-engineered the business since 1st July 2011, the business is perfectly placed right now. Put bluntly, the timing is perfect!

In the past three months, we have signed off on the most profound infrastructure, innovations and updates ever in our 27 years.

The big stuff… 1) ground breaking communications technology (installed by July 2012); 2) all new Property Management functionality to enhance Landlord and Tenant services (30 June 2012); 3) my baby… the all new bells and whistles VirtualAgent® (2012) patented selling system on the iPad, fully integrated by spring this year; 4) our all new Toop website is on the cusp of being launched, with new smarts and consolidated databases going live within weeks; 5) internal system reviews are complete, work flows all documented and going live right now; 6) the soft launch of a new business on the 1st July to assist clients and staff sell more houses (public launch may be after I get back); 7) we have an all new TOP SECRET, actually better call it "CONFIDENTIAL" new Property Management product being developed; and finally 8) our new flattened organisational structure, which has already been running for six months. What a breath of fresh air it has been.

Toop&Toop have a history of only employing highly capable experienced people who are passionate and just get on with the job. Lew Toop (my brother) and Tim Thredgold (Tim has been with me from almost the start!!) have both agreed to join the Executive Team while I am out of the front lines. To both of you, thank you.

Sylvia (who is more qualified than me really - an accountant and licensed agent) will sit in my chair.  Our daughters Gen and Suzannah have also returned home, Gen was due back in the business in September, and is raring to go assisting Sylvia through the entire business. Suzannah is a high-powered and passionate individual too, all adding to the incredibly strong team we have here at Toop&Toop. Go to to meet all the individuals. Toop&Toop is in the best shape we have been in for a long time. The changes in the market conditions make it easier for our style of hi-tech operation to achieve outstanding results and the market stats are just coming out to prove that. Our service levels have risen as we refocussed on lifting the bar to new heights and the eight changes outlined above are critical in achieving our goals.

Results...we are currently outperforming "time on market" over the average agency by around 40%. Our market share is seriously heading upwards (market share of sales that is, not necessarily stock...if you sell houses, obviously you don't build your stock levels!)

So whilst my own agenda is changing, the business is already on track and not a lot changes.

Our big business challenge right now is getting serious sellers of property to list their homes for sale. There are so few properties put on the market during this time of the year it is actually a great time to sell... very few competing properties.  There are a few weeks left this financial year where there is some really discounted marketing packages for qualifying long term sellers...this is the time to rev up your sale.  We have all the expertise in TeamToop to get your sale happening right now – if you’re serious about selling now – call Sylvia on 0418 818 448 this weekend or the main office on Monday 8362 8888.
Today marks the start of winter, and the final InsideStory of the season. Our all new InsideStory recommences in spring.

Until then, I have another mountain to climb.

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.
© Toop Real Estate Group

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