Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Real Estate Addiction… Beware, our new marketing is very addictive!

Move over pictures, video has well and truly arrived... and now it is big screen Real Estate TV... wow!

Those old enough will remember the internet was a text only medium. As speed improved, pictures became the next big deal. Now, video has totally taken control of online eye balls, and property sellers need to understand the power of this - or they will be the losers in today's competitive property market. Where customers find your video – now that’s the wild card.

This week launched their new video capabilities; now watch their stats take off... brag a whopping ‘400% higher engagement’ on properties utilising video - that is staggering but entirely consistent with our experience.

Our clients know the power of video property selling, as Toop&Toop have led the nation with video, along with the introduction of back in October 2009. We can, and have, turned dead open inspections into traffic jams.

Toop&Toop time on market is the lowest in the South Australian market. We now dominate and have without a doubt the best press ads designed for buyers. Toop&Toop lead in every major statistic when it comes to selling our client’s properties.

Why? How?

Real estate consumer advocate and host of ‘Selling Houses Australia’, Andrew Winter says new data backs up the experience of good agents and reflected changing consumer behaviour. See Andrew's full article here.

He has worked with RP Data to prove the right combination of press and online marketing leads to the fastest sales and the closest to asking prices. What he doesn't cover is the difference the combination of video and direct database selling technology achieves.

Toop&Toop's patented VirtualAgent® selling system leverages all marketing dollars and basically turbo charges selling capabilities.

We have a proven track record – we know how to integrate press (The Advertiser), online portals (eg. and, premium magazine publications (eg. ToopWeekly magazine & SA Life) and social media to drive VirtualAgent® our central managed database to connect property and people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Valuable weekly content is generated through Toop.TV, a unique competitive advantage to create and retain long term relationships online, with thousands of qualified property people who are hungry for quality weekly property updates.

 We make no apology for having people totally hooked on our weekly Toop.TV show, the market update and the magical videos of South Australia's finest homes...our property is addictive.

Andrew Winter says he has countless examples of people who were browsing through the paper and stumbled upon something they loved.

… they check it out online and start to dig a bit deeper. They will look for the floorplan and see some more photos and from there they will decide whether it is worth their time to go to the open inspection physically. A print advertising campaign is also a sign that vendors are serious about selling”, Winter says.

Andrew Winter is quoting on a national level and based on quality agents. His comments do resonate.

So what's next for our clients? Sssshhhhh don’t tell anyone…but, for a sneaky InsideStory  preview of what’s coming up – be the very first in the world to jump on the biggest thing in real estate –  Toop&Toop are fine-tuning our SmartTV real estate app and we’d love your pre-launch feedback.

Have you got a Panasonic Smart TV? You can be the first to discover our world first marketing  -  download the SmartRealEstate app and browse through the best property on the market.   I haven’t seen it yet… because I don’t have a Panasonic - you guessed it, our programmers do!

Don’t have a Panasonic either – you can also get a sneak peak in your browser, go to

WARNING: this is addictive real estate.

Toop&Toop – 1st in real estate with a mobile website, 1st in real estate with a real estate app and now 1st in real estate with a SmartTV app.  Real Estate TV – here we come!

We love this stuff, we are passionate about real estate, it isn't a job, it is our life... and we will have you hooked on our seriously addictive marketing.

Anthony Toop

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