Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas is just 10 days away...

But you want to sell urgently? What do you do??

First of all, don't panic. The number of sales in the final days leading up to Christmas is staggering, so keep focused right until Christmas Eve. I have had 36 Christmases in real estate and worked plenty of them so I’m speaking from experience.

Let me share my experience and what I’ve learnt. 

Many 2012 buyers will be frustrated and want to finalise their purchase before Christmas, similarly, sellers are often so over the grief of their sale process and are in the mood before Christmas to finalise their sale so they can move on. This period therefore is critical.

Smart real estate operators will ensure they are on call and ready to help right up until Christmas Eve to put these contracts in place, as buyers are often spontaneous at this time and will not be there in the New Year.

My experience is that between Christmas and New Year there is a ridiculous amount of property enquiry but very, very few contracts. These enquiries give us the feeling that we are doing a great job for our sellers but in the final wash up, there are hardly any deals that proceed to settlement. It seems we are simply the entertainment for bored holiday makers. It is especially tough on sellers at this time too. I am not a fan of bothering our clients over this period unless it is for previously interested, fully pre-qualified parties. New enquiry over this week I generally find to be of very poor quality.

So far, most competitors reading this would be nodding with me in agreement. comes the really big difference in opinions.

I am a massive fan of releasing new stock (new houses to the market) and re-releases on the first weekend of a New Year.

My experience is that this is an awesome period. If you have a stale property from 2012 marketing, let me assure you, given the right marketing strategy, we have achieved some incredible results for clients in January every year. Next year, Toop&Toop have arranged low cost advertising deals for sellers who have been advertising for months and have been unsuccessful.

Relaunching a property correctly at this time of year is your chance to get a second chance. A stale property can be refreshed beautifully in January.

Buyers are excited in January; totally starved of property, revitalised and rearing to get on with things.  There is a type of optimism about a New Year. Bad news media stories are scarce and positivity peaks as journos are also on holidays. New buyers hit the streets, and interstate and overseas activity peaks in January. Buyers have time. Many buyers are bored of partying/drinking and the socialising has been done. Many buyers also want to lock in their purchase so they can book into the right schools. January is a strategic month to sell, we love it!

STEAK KNIVES TOO. Then there is the added bonus when launching (or re-launching) your property in January. There is a second unique selling period starting the weekend after school returns. This gives you essentially two cracks at achieving that lucky sale everyone dreams of.

WHAT CAN TOOP&TOOP DO? For those who have been frustrated in 2012, trying to sell their property...we have specially prepared selling programs, cost effective and powerful selling strategies designed specifically for this time of year. I strongly recommend you pick up the phone and get Toop&Toop out to see you this week!

We are finishing 2012 on a huge selling roll and the market right now is running hot. Sales over the past 6 weeks have been easier and plenty of older stock is selling right now.

Call (or email) me direct if you want to have a chat, and I'll get the best person for the job out to see you ASAP.

Seize the day, make the call.

We are very focused on selling homes that others can't, it gives us such a high and is a great test for our selling strategies and new technologies.

Here are my contact details...
Email: Mobile: 0418 824 188.

Happy house selling!

Anthony Toop

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