Wednesday, January 16, 2013

iPads do it again… an agent’s new bestie!

iPads are changing the way real estate agents operate and the way people buy property. But you already know that… what you might not know yet is the extent of the changes this little device is bringing. iPads have been a break through for Toop&Toop’s technology, and are definitely our new best friend – or “bestie” as they say.

The obvious... iPads give people the ability to view properties on the run and to navigate from one property to the next. The not so obvious is that iPads are helping solve the age old issues of security at inspections, as well as connecting our 40+ sales people, collaboratively helping each other in the sale of every Toop property.

2013 is seeing Toop&Toop's second generation patented VirtualAgent (Va2) selling system roll out into all our inspections. Our 15 year old selling system is being superseded right now. As the old system is being decommissioned, Va2 has been switched ON and is now running parallel with the original system on the iPad. Our Sales Partners will be fully operational and networked LIVE in the field at all inspections by the end of February.

This marks the beginning of an entirely new capability for our team.

15 years ago we patented, and launched, Toop&Toop's VirtualAgent (Va) selling system. Va has won us so many awards across many categories, including National REIA Awards for Excellence. We were light years ahead of the times with SMS automated communication from 1998, and we began issuing identification cards to buyers which gave them special privileges. "Registered Buyers" received ID Cards and advance SMS invitations to view all our properties as VIP Buyers. We launched "Secure Inspections" in 2000. I am sure many home hunters and sellers of that time will remember this.

Well the ID Cards are gone, but the technology smarts running on the iPad are incredible and have by far surpassed any of the technology we’ve had previously. Another outcome of Va2 is that we have, by default, gone a long way toward also solving security issues at inspections.

The power of an entirely networked team operating in real-time is just a dream come true for a real estate agent. The benefits for sellers and buyers will become VERY obvious as the system starts to do its thing… we are now LIVE.

Operation KAT (OKAT - you'll have to ask one of the team what that stands for) commenced this week and finishes on 28 February. Toop&Toop are again changing all the real estate rules in customer service and selling capabilities; better service, faster sales and an unprecedented ability to match buyer and seller, tenant and property. Sales are the first to be equipped, rentals will follow.

Va2 is the first of our major Toop technology innovations to be launched in 2013. So come and check us out at our inspections over the coming weeks as we fire this Va2 baby up. We’re VERY excited.

HOME SELLERS… I’m sure you’ll appreciate the extra levels of security we can now offer. When it is time to get serious, it really is time to get Team Toop... just LOVE my real estate!!
Anthony Toop

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