Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Opportunities to work in real estate...what a buzz! It’s seriously hard work, but never, ever boring.

Get the word out: Toop&Toop are hiring! Email me names of brilliant real estate people who should be in our team...challenge your friends to work with the best.

We have re-engineered our business and it's humming. In this process we have created opportunities that would not normally exist.

What's happening?

Toop&Toop have created new standards and new roles in Property Management, we have re-defined our Front of House and Reception roles, we have re-worked our Administration roles and we are seriously meeting the changed market conditions head on.

We have if not the largest rental business in this state, it must be close to it…and as the first inductees into REISA Hall of Fame, we have a well earned reputation for being the best in the industry.

This is the most exciting time in the 27 year history of the organisation. The return of Genevieve and arrival of Suzannah (Toop) into the business, our roll out of all new technology assisted selling capabilities (Va2), and the innovations due to be launched throughout February...Toop&Toop is a much more exciting place to work than it was a year ago, and we thought we were exciting then!

So anyone passionate about real estate, aspirational about being at the VERY TOP of a profession, and who has a strong and proud work ethic is encouraged to email me.

We have potential roles in Property Management, Administration and Front of House (reception), and we are always looking for proven and successful sales people who want to be challenged and work with the BEST in the business.

So in a time where jobs are getting harder to find, we are hiring.

Don't even think of applying unless you are passionate about being in property, and have a desire to stretch and learn...these are career roles.

Are you good enough? Do you have friends who are suited to real estate? Have you experienced fantastic service and want to recommend someone for a position?

This is the time to make a move while we are re-organising the teams and while these new roles are open. You (or your friends) will love it.

Email me now...these roles rarely come up.

Anthony Toop

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