Wednesday, February 06, 2013

The Market is Pumping...the word is out, so "Just .Toop It"

The market is pumping right now and articles this week from various sources are all saying the same thing - South Australia is looking good for property.

With prices down from the peak, finance as cheap as ever, and money being injected into the building side of the market, the flow on appears to have begun. Properties this week for us have again started to sell pre-public release and we are getting multiple buyers on properties again.

Sellers, don't get too excited, it may be some time before this reverses the downward trend. However, the latest data supports that the market has stabilised and volumes have started to rise.

If this trend continues into March for 2013 first quarter, in my view this will mark the bottoming out of the market. The last quarter of 2012 was excellent, as was our January sales, very lively.

Lew's $3million sale under the hammer last week, and the return of the off market activity makes for a very optimistic and excited Toop&Toop.

Buyers please understand that we can only sell ‘off market’ properties to those that are registered with Toop&Toop. To register, "Just .Toop It". Go to and we will start sending you early notice of VIP Viewings (invitations to inspect properties prior to the public release).

Registered VIP Buyers not only receive invitations to exclusive viewings, they can also subscribe to our Weekly Market Update video, our Saturday press ads delivered on Wednesday, InsideStory online, Toop.TV reminders for Wednesday's live show, and much more. Just tick the boxes for the services you are after.

We will soon be offering new upgraded services to VIPs, so get registered now. To help you find your next home with ease we will bring you weekly Toop’s Tips throughout February.

Toop’s Tip #1: looking for a special address or house feature? For a particular street, or feature like a pool, view or a tennis court? No problems, "Just .Toop It". For example, simply type, or whatever other "Just .Toop It" address you wish into your browser...and all the properties matching this criteria will display. It's as easy as that. What about a weekly market report? You guessed it, "Just .Toop It"..., so easy once you get the hang of it!

Want your property appraised for sale or rental (free)? Go to  …we always need properties to sell to all these's serious fun.

Stay tuned for next weeks Toop's Tip.

Anthony Toop

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