Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Consumers moving at the 
speed of light...

Things are moving so quickly, with switch over last week to digital, the roll out of the National Broadband Network, 4G speeds and proliferation of new user friendly online devices, the consumers are literally consuming at the speed of light.

Did you know that up to 2.6 million people currently use a tablet, such as an iPad, in Australia?? 
Not only that, this number is expected to QUADRUPLE in the next four years! This means that by 2016, it’s predicted that 11 million Australians will be using tablets – that’s nearly half the population, and an unimaginable number of new eye balls moving to a new way of consuming information, and of course real estate.

Agents are struggling to keep the old ways of doing things and if we don’t watch out, we will become irrelevant and be swept aside.

This week we launched our all new website; we also soft launched our incredible ToopAir images... you’ll hear a lot more about ToopAir over the coming weeks…
All new incredible property images and videos to totally change the rules and to capitalise on all new formats BOTH online and PRESS!

It really is game on in real estate. Toop&Toop are throwing down the gauntlet and challenging real estate status quo... we will lead the consumer stampede to new communication as well as the completely reworked traditional marketing tools, such as large format Press (launched a few weeks ago). Change is no longer an option, the world has already moved on.

Embrace it, no way! We’re driving it. Everything is changing and it’s 
for the better in real estate.

The pace of change itself is even altering. Tired old ways are only just hanging in there, but Toop&Toop will make these so obsolete and so out of date, that consumers will have to rethink old allegiances. The disadvantages of not moving with the times will overwhelmingly impact on the potential of achieving the optimum sale outcome.

At the moment, if you stand still, you will get run over… and I don’t see any let up. The consumer is demanding so much more than ever contemplated only a few years ago. We intend to deliver... we sure are having a red hot go.

All new completely rewritten website, all new ToopAir, first class photography, 2D and 3D video capabilities, and an all new Large Format Press marketing approach... and there is more still to come. 
What an incredible time to be 
a real estate agent.

Thank goodness Toop&Toop have a succession plan in place; thank goodness for second generation in Genevieve and Suzannah to take on and drive all this... it’s quite overwhelming for us old(er) guys... yet also so exciting.

Bring on “Real Estate 2020” - we are ready!

Anthony Toop

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