Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Is selling your house a serious event?

Easter weekend was somewhat staggering to me… hardly anyone in the industry appeared to be working! While I applaud and admire all those who are able to have a life and be in real estate, is it possible to just shut up shop for periods like Christmas, January, Easter and long weekends?

Let's get the record straight, I was one of those that took the entire Easter weekend off, but I was blown away with how few agents actually worked.

Is this a trend? Perhaps it’s a good thing, a long overdue shift in thinking? Or perhaps sanity has finally prevailed and real estate agent business is now being solely conducted during normal business hours. I’m all for that - if we could pull it off.

As a team, Toop&Toop were well represented last Easter weekend. At least half the team took the Easter weekend as both a serious working weekend as well as balancing personal and family time. Our Victor Harbor team had a staggering 28 open inspections, and another city based Sales Partner ran 17 inspections with 60 groups through. Easter is a special time on many fronts, but it also represents an opportunity for buyers to actually have time to look around.

Real estate at the highest level requires freshness and energy; these qualities are an absolute must for sustainability. However, experience and history tells me that we have to cover each other in order to offer all options to clients, rather than shut down the entire business for a break. By working in collaboration as a team, we can all achieve critical time off plus offer continuity of service for clients at busy times.

At our weekly sales meeting, I wanted to see if things had changed over the years and how busy it was amongst those of Team Toop who worked.

Without any surprise, the feedback unanimously reinforced that inspections ranged from well attended to flat out. Expected business ranged from strong interest to highly likely sales.

Interestingly, readership of print and online media peaks whenever buyers have spare time to chill and think about property; Christmas and Easter are classic times where important family real estate conversations occur.

It was so apparent that a number of competitor agents this year were simply not represented at all. Surely we are not the only ones with clients keen to sell? It was so obvious this year, I actually questioned my own judgement and past experiences… hence this article.

Lessons learned (or re-learned)… Some occupations still require weekend work. In real estate as at April 2013, we are still required to be out and about when the buyers have the time to look.

Technology is changing the rules, especially with our world first 3D inspections! One day we may do away with weekend work, but not just yet.

Toop's Tip: Serious sellers should seek out serious real estate agents, because selling your house is a serious event.

We have a saying... "When it’s time to get serious, it’s time to get Team Toop".

Anthony Toop

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