Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sleepy Adelaide... please don't wake up!

This week's horror news in Boston just reaffirms why I love Adelaide so much.

It is times like this that we reassess what is important in life and just take a few moments to reflect and appreciate what we have. We understand sickness, accidents and natural disasters - but terrorism just seems to be an entirely different loss.

The world is a beautiful place, yet at times is cruel and scary. Sylvia and I are about to head off for a few weeks overseas and YES, we are still definitely going, but it is with the full appreciation of what we have right here, at home, in South Australia.

Often in business and social circles, we hear rhetoric about South Australia and we suffer interstaters ridiculing us. Karen Raffen, CEO of Advantage SA, whom is a great friend of ours, spends her days spreading the good news about this beautiful place we live, but for me it is something we can be privately confident deep in our belief system...there is NO BETTER place than South Australia to call home.

Expect to see another wave of South Aussies deciding to return to their roots, and in times of uncertainty, why wouldn't you?

Sure, we have our issues with Holdens, the mining boom has softened, and the RAH may be running six months behind schedule, but seriously - BIG DEAL.

Enjoy the country's most affordable housing, enjoy low rents, enjoy a stable property market and a safe place to raise a family, and be thankful we live in such an incredible place.

South Australia, it's HOME for Toop&Toop.

Anthony Toop

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