Wednesday, April 24, 2013

We have head hunted a professional CEO from overseas...we have head hunted professional managers from interstate...and now we have head hunted our own kids...

It's kind of ironic how in 28 years (on the 8th May), Toop&Toop have come full circle. We have put so much science into who runs the business over the years and after learning all the lessons in business, and studied all the theories, and suffered 28 years of life experiences in business, Toop&Toop has finally concluded that maybe the future actually lies within the walls of home.

By the time you are reading this article, Sylvia and I will be on leave. For the first time ever, our daughters Genevieve and Suzannah are responsible for ensuring all of our amazing team are looked after, that they have all the tools they need to do what we do best, and are on call to look after all of our clients.

It was the 8th May 2012 that I was diagnosed with cancer - 5pm on the night of Toop&Toop's 27th birthday celebrations. Our family's lives changed forever.

Genevieve was in the middle of the USA on a world trip after working for two years in London for a prestigious UK ‘Superbrand’ ICAEW, while Suzannah was on an accelerated dream career path in Sydney working for AMP Capital in the area of property and acquisitions.

Who would have ever imagined what was about to unfold. On hearing the news of my diagnosis, both Gen and Suzannah immediately returned home, while Sylvia instantly assumed the role of CEO at Toop&Toop. Suzannah was granted six months leave from AMP Capital (they were amazing, please support AMP at any opportunity as they are an awesome organisation) and the backing I got from family, the community and our Toop Team was overwhelming, unprecedented, and extremely humbling -thank you all!

Fast forward 12 months and Sylva and I left on Anzac Day to get away and chill for several weeks. It has been a grueling 12 months in so many ways. Throughout this entire trauma, Genevieve and Suzannah have decided they love being home in Adelaide and have totally thrown themselves into the family business.

During the past six months since I returned to work (at the end of October 2012), we have re-engineered the business to meet the new demands of a changed market. The girls have been deeply involved in this process. What an amazing apprenticeship, to truly understand how a business works.

Call me naive, but I feel excited and energised with the reality that they are both diving in the deep end right now, have taken on huge responsibility and are looking after Toop&Toop while we are away. The irony is that they are better qualified technically than Sylvia and I. They have eaten and slept real estate since birth, and now they have the opportunity to go live, pushed into the deep end to run such a competitive and demanding business.

Succession? Well let me put it this way…for all the science and promises of our procession of high level professional managers in recent years...I am feeling pretty confident you will not find more passion, more commitment, more empathy and greater energy, even if head hunters searched the world over.

All the best Genevieve and Suzannah - have a red hot crack. Be confident that Toop&Toop have Adelaide's most experienced and committed team of dedicated professionals to be found anywhere on this planet. We have surrounded ourselves with great people.

With what I have personally put our team through this year, today’s Team Toop have proved loyalty and commitment not just to us, but to our customers...they are a class act.

See you when we get back - bon voyage for now.

Anthony Toop

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