Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Happy 28th birthday Toop&Toop!

May 8. This is a very significant date for Toop&Toop for a couple of reasons. This year we clock 28 years on the board and on Wednesday night Team Toop celebrated what has been a big year of change for the company.

Not only have Genevieve and I come back into the business full-time, we have simplified the way we do things. Old processes have been tested and re-designed and “that’s the way we have always done it” is no longer cutting the mustard. It has become quite clear that the economic climate will not support those who don’t change. This is being seen across all major companies, with giants such as BHP Billiton announcing a dramatic overhaul of their operations.

Companies such as Google and Apple are always innovating to stay fresh and ahead of the game… with over 700 new iPhone apps being developed everyday, it’s clear that change is upon us. While we are not in the tech industry, there is method to their madness - you have to change to survive.

At Toop&Toop we are determined to operate an efficient business so that we can continue to deliver an unmatched service in the industry. By improving our operations internally, Toop&Toop is able to direct its attention to the consumer and drive products never seen before in the real estate industry. 28 years on and Toop&Toop is still re-inventing itself and pushing the boundaries... It’s in our blood.

We were the first to showcase our vendors’ properties in colour in The Advertiser; sold the first $2 million dollar property (in 1994), setting a record across the state; we were the first SA agency to launch a website; developed the first real estate iPhone App in Australia and we are, still to this day, the only agency in South Australia with an in-house Advertising & IT Studio.

In true Toop style, this year has been no different. We have launched our new website, world-first 3D property videos (Toop3D), ToopAir, VirtualAgent2 and there’s still more in the pipeline.

Toop&Toop continue to seek out the best ways to deliver superior service to our clients. This has been our key focus for over 28 years and is the one thing that won't change.

With the help of our team we have re-set the course of the business. The leadership is energetic and dynamic, but like any other 28 year old, Toop&Toop draws from its experiences… from its very accomplished and knowledgeable team members. Toop&Toop is still the largest independent real estate agency in the state, and continue to be the boutique alternative to the franchise stores.

28 years… what a great achievement! Congratulations Team Toop, I’m looking forward to embracing what’s next!

Suzannah Toop

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