Thursday, June 06, 2013

Love this place!

Love this place!

After almost 6 weeks away travelling some rather incredible "out of favour places" as well as the hip and happening capitals of fashion, food and wine...we have returned more worldly, more understanding of world conflict and definitely wiser.

So much to see, too much to learn. This trip made me very aware of just how little I know....OUCH!

Sylvia and I (along with some Adelaide mates) travelled by ship from Dubai to Rome via the Suez Canal stopping along the way and visiting many spots, including visiting Fujairah in U.A.E., Muscat & Salalah in Oman, Aquaba in Jordon, Luxor in Egypt, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth and then into the Mediterranean. Once in Italy we toured the wine areas before heading to Como and finished off in Milan...

We were exhausted trying to take it all in. The Holy Trail in Israel was a stand out experience for us...

While the parents were discovering how little they understood of the MiddleEast and learning, the children (hardly children but holding onto that thought), were discovering what running a business was all about and learning the reality of running the business they have grown up around.

Full credit to Team Toop with both sales and rentals not missing a beat....(truth be known probably doing a better job than Sylvia and I in some ways). So a public thank you to our amazing Team Toop, to Genevieve and Suzannah, and to you, our customers for your ongoing loyalty and support for us, we REALLY appreciate it. I think I have lost my office too...the girls seemed to have settled in and don't look like moving anytime soon!

May sales were at near boom time levels and Toop&Toop is running hot at the moment...(in fact we have almost run out of houses to sell so call us!). The positive energy of Team Toop is a credit to THEM in these tough times. Well done.

Flying into Adelaide, after so many wonderful experiences (& 2000 photographs) and after seeing so many stunningly beautiful places, proudly South Australia is definitely OUR home.

We love this place.

Anthony Toop, Managing Director.
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