Thursday, July 18, 2013

Real Estate is just about the people... or is it?

There is no question about it - selling and renting real estate is about the people, but it sure isn't JUST about the people. Technology, networks, business connections and knowledge have emerged as today's critical real estate enablers.

In today's world we deal globally with buyers, sellers and investors. Merely being a good person can't deliver the same results as a well educated, consistently trained, highly resourced and connected real estate person.

It has been a challenge getting our experienced and successful 'old timers' to recognise how critical working with databases and embracing online everything (including understanding the power of social media) is when bringing buyers and sellers together.

There are no longer any doubts about it... even our most staunch Toop&Toop traditionalists have seen the light; the benefits have become too obvious. A fragmented approach to real estate makes selling tough, while a collaborative team approach leverages results beyond all belief. A piece of paper with random names is no longer OK.

In 1997, Toop&Toop launched a technology based selling system VirtualAgent (patented in 2001). We were the first agency to utilise SMS messaging through the system to communicate with buyers.

Since February this year, all Toop&Toop Sales Partners became completely connected; all connected via iPads, all connected in real time, all out in the field with our second generation system - VirtualAgent2 (Va2).

The next element of Va2 is about to be switched on, and Toop&Toop's new generation selling system begins to fire up in earnest. Toop&Toop will again change the rules in real estate.

Our world has changed. The consumer has moved on again. Those who don't understand where the buyers and sellers communicate today are being left behind.

In 2013, Va2 is essentially a real estate version of By cross referencing multi-data sources using new technology smarts, we are beginning to follow buyer activity in order to better predict best match 'buyers to property'.

Va2 will reduce the annoying volume of communication buyers receive, while dramatically improving the likelihood of a correct match. The service Team Toop can offer South Australian home sellers will be amongst the most advanced in the world.

As a buyer, even if you are not intending to buy for months... be certain to be a part of our Va2 system.

We switch from Beta trials to live with the 1st of September our target date. Va2 is evolving fast.

So… the future of real estate is about great people, working with great tools; real estate is certainly not JUST about the people.

Anthony Toop

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