Thursday, August 22, 2013

Innovative & Exciting—Adelaide is leading the way!

It's coming... Citywide, outdoor Wi-Fi. Adelaide is charging forward in the tech space—the City Council has announced they will build a $1.5million dollar Wi-Fi network across the CBD. Local Internet provider Internode is working with the government to get this across the line by March next year... and it will be FREE. An article featured in The Advertiser last week notes that CBDs around the world, including Houston in the US and Blackpool in the UK, already have this in place. Adelaide is nation FIRST and once completed it will be one of the largest citywide outdoor Wi-Fi networks in the western world!

Initiatives like this change the capabilities for us to deliver new standards of service to our clients. The flow on effect should not be understated. Toop&Toop are onto it... more innovation.

The obvious benefit will be the ease and inexpensive way to search for homes or rental properties throughout the city. People will be scattered around the CBD—in cafés or on park benches—scanning the Internet for the latest investment news or Facebook updates on what's sold.

The real message: times are not changing—they have changed. Free Wi-Fi in Adelaide is a milestone, where instant connectivity and communication becomes the norm. Consumers today expect connectivity, and for no cost.

Service industries, such as restaurants, hotel chains and even real estate agents need to understand and embrace this. When I travelled overseas, no free Wi-Fi in a hotel was a deal breaker. Hotels that charge $20 per day will suffer if they don't change their thinking. Connectivity is not an add-on cost anymore—it's expected!

The same rings true in real estate. Tablets and smartphones are not a fad that will disappear. They are expected tools of trade. Real estate has emerged as a fast paced, on-the-go business where instant information is a given. Agents who are not equipped and trained with high-speed information technology are getting left behind.

Pen and paper at open inspections is now synonymous with "double handling". Our clients love having instant, real-time updates—rather than a typical phone call three days later, once notes have been transcribed back at the office—or worse still... no report at all!

This Adelaide initiative opens up more opportunities for video streaming, security enhancements for property owners and a raft of possibilities we haven't even dreamt up yet. Agents providing instant, important feedback such as: who came through the property, budgets and how motivated they are, is all now a reality. We have begun developing the next generation of new services on the back of this
new infrastructure.

Adelaide's push forward in this space shows that times have changed. Agents need to ensure they are focused on what the customer needs, and accept that this might be evolving along the way. Free Wi-Fi is now a given... At Toop&Toop we're asking: "what value-add is next?"

Suzannah Toop

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