Thursday, October 31, 2013

Adelaide... so we are popular!

What an incredible run Adelaide has received in the international media recently. It is such a compliment that Lonely Planet—the world's largest travel publisher—has just this week ranked Adelaide as one of the Top 10 cities in the world to visit. Adelaide's character Tudors were also recently featured in America's Wall Street Journal; and The New York Magazine this past Wednesday suggested that people steer clear of the eastern states and visit our city instead. On top of all that, Adelaide has also been ranked as the fifth 'most liveable city' in the world!

So, does all of this affect property owners? Yes, it sure could.

We operate in a global property market, which has resulted in, a dedicated website to cater for the increased traffic from outside of South Australia.

Given that pretty much no one in the northern hemisphere seems to that know Adelaide exists, international news of this calibre must create a curiosity factor from millions of people who thought Australia was Sydney. Ultimately, increased interest in finding out about this "quirky place down under" called Adelaide has to be exciting for all of us.

We have the most affordable property of all mainland states; our credentials and reputation for magnificent wines is easily established, the fact Kangaroo Island is located right here is terrific ( it really the home of the Kangaroo?), and we are blessed to be geographically pretty much dead centre of Australia. My tip is that this is a place that people will want to see, now more than ever. Surely International exposure like this will increase interest in "checking us out"—or maybe I am na├»ve.

What does it matter, now must surely be the best time in years to be investing Adelaide property anyway—the start of the next property cycle seems to be underway, I am hearing exciting mining stories again and we are seeing business and press articles popping up everywhere talking up property. The TV stations are all running property stories again and there is a real buzz out there in "property land".

Imagine if Adelaide genuinely gets on the international shopping list! Imagine if just a few extra percent of east coast money comes across our borders! It won't take much additional activity to fire up our market here—supply is as tight as a drum.

So what are Toop&Toop doing about this? After all, we are as South Australian as you can get, and proud of it.

As always, we are again putting our money where our mouth is. We have set up a special investment team, picked 8 established properties that we feel would be good investments; all normal 'mums-and-dads-type' established properties, all in different locations and different price ranges.

Simple and easily understood properties; there's something for everyone.

We think busy people need real estate agents to do more of the work for them, and busy people need to not miss this opportunity.

For busy people, or those wanting additional support, on Monday night Toop&Toop have our first ever specialist Top 8 Investment Auction.

What: 8 properties auctioned on one night—you can see these properties and register your attendance at:
Where: Toop&Toop Hyde Park - 84 King William Road, Goodwood.
When: Monday 4 November; registrations start at 6pm, proceedings begin at 6.30pm
Who: We have no idea how many will attend, but we have sold two of the auction properties this week (it's already a success!) and replaced one of them.
Inspection: This weekend or online.

On the night we will also be trialing the first 'Silent Property Auction' where interested parties will register their interest in negotiating on other properties considered suitable for investment. Come and see what you think! 

Make sure you get there—these properties, we feel, are all worth buying and everyone is welcome to attend.

So, it seems Adelaide has suddenly become popular; and property has suddenly become popular again, sounds to me like it's time to buy more property in Adelaide!

So, see you 6pm Monday at our Hyde Park office!

Anthony Toop

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Toop Top High End Sales in 2013

On the back of our amazing 7 key REISA awards announced last weekend, The Advertiser also published a big article on the Top 25 residential sales for 2013. There is always so much bragging about who does what in the top end with plenty of claims... but the facts are interesting. Out of all the South Australian real estate agencies, Toop&Toop sold the majority of these properties.

Of the Top 10 sales for the year, Toop&Toop sold over 40% of these (#2 sale was a private sale) in one of the most challenging years of our 28 year history. This is only possible through a team effort, we are very proud of our Team Toop.

In other capital cities, the most notable being Perth, Melbourne and Sydney, multiple sales well over $10 million are being achieved. We feel Adelaide's top end has a great upside growth potential and that South Australia's top end property is currently undervalued. It is astounding that last year Adelaide's top sales did not reach $5 million. That can not continue if we want to be seen as having a serious real estate market. This year we hope to change this. We do have a property coming up in a few weeks time that has the potential to re-set the State's records. It is a magnificent, historic estate-like property. Stay tuned and register at to be the first to be invited to view this property.

We are also finding that a large portion of our top end clients want to take advantage of the current investment market conditions, however they just don't have the time to search for the right property. To help, we are holding an investment property auction, where we will auction off 8 properties that we believe to have the best investment potential. This auction is taking place on 4th November at our Hyde Park office and is open to everyone. For more details on the auction please visit

At Toop&Toop our business is equipped for the most demanding top end market, so we have had to set our service levels to the highest industry standards. This then benefits all our clients, no matter the price point of their home. Our marketing strategies are sophisticated and we have global first marketing innovations now available to all South Australian home sellers and landlords; genuine sales technology that no other agency in Australia has. This technology positively impacts all clients, especially those with property in the middle to high end of the market. We are geared up to provide these benefits to all properties. We now have the statistics to prove that we can get results second to none in the Nation!

Genevieve Toop

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

4 November 2013. For the first time ever - a pure Adelaide Investment Property Auction!

Property investment is a hot topic at the moment. As real estate agents, this renewed popularity is great, but it's even better for the first time or experienced investor if you can still buy at sensible prices right here in your hometown of Adelaide.

To help you as an investor, Toop&Toop have gathered the very best investment properties and will be auctioning them all on one night – Monday 4 November 2013 at out Top 8 Investment Auction.

These properties have been assessed and identified by our specialised Investment Team as having investment potential. On the same night, in addition to the Top 8, we will also have all our potential investment properties catalogued on show for investors to look at. We want to make it as easy as possible for you. We are making property investment straight forward and easy to understand... a night to come along and see what's available to buy and rent out

The date to diarise now is 4 November, 6pm at our Hyde Park office.

A number of properties have already been assessed and approved by our Investment Team as good rental candidates, or have a proven rental track record already.

These include:

1. 14/222 The Esplanade, Seacliff

2. 22 Scottish Avenue, Clovelly Park

Make sure you check out for a sneak peak at the other properties.

Unlike a number of investment companies who have built their business on selling hundreds of properties sight unseen and straight off the plan, this is real, and it's local property. From our experience, buying residential property that's sight unseen from a foreign provider is a risky approach, and many people are feeding off the process. We find that often properties are priced to cover massive commissions and margins for this type of investment. Consumers do like the simplicity and our goal is to make it simple on current market rate established properties. Your wealth creation will be fast tracked by buying better and in higher growth areas.

We've been assisting Adelaide home owners and investors for over 28 years and with 1 billion dollars of property under management, we want to see if we can help share that experience. We have been recognised by the industry again last week as the best Large Agency and Large Property Management Agency in South Australia and we are really keen to work with you to help you grow your own portfolio.

Buy local, buy something that's at market value, and buy something that has real growth potential. Something that you can see, touch and feel.

So please give our Investment Team a call on 8362 8888 and get together with us before 4 November and we'll get ready to help you sell or buy your first or next investment property. It's time to act, time to add to your local investment portfolio.

Diarise 4 November, let's get lots of investors along and see if we can get things moving for buyers and sellers... time to start trading properties! 

Suzannah Toop

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

People have started asking… "Have we missed the boat?"

Real estate agents constantly get asked about their predictions; most people want to know if we have hit the bottom of the property cycle yet. Everyone knows that simply being a real estate agent is no qualification to give investment advice, however, we do observe what is going on around us, and we wouldn't be much of a real estate agent if we didn't have a personal opinion.

So what seems to be happening? 

The good news for top end buyers is the higher up the price ladder you are looking; the more likely you are still able to buy OK. But given the stock levels are so thin at the moment; the clock is ticking on the best buying opportunities. Get on with it!

Sellers, because there are so few properties, if your property is good enough, the buyer will pay over market. Adelaide's top end is conservative, but with exceptions, any rapid escalation of prices seems unlikely in the short term. 

The story looks very different up to say, $800k. In ALL 6 Toop&Toop offices, our more affordable properties have simply taken off in past weeks. Fast and furious sales with low stock levels—this is a recipe for an incredible spring for our sellers. 

The election, AFL Grand Final, long weekend and winter are all behind us and it's getting serious out there. School holidays will soon tick the final box of distractions, and if you thought you were going to buy a bargain, I'm pretty certain you have missed the boat.

Buckle in for the ride investors, real estate seems to be back in fashion and there is a ground swell of new investor enquiry that can no longer be ignored.

You can feel the optimism at the open inspections. Buyers are still trying to play hardball, but in the affordable end of the market they are already starting to lose the battle. A couple of extraordinary auction results recently have shocked us all. 

Toop&Toop are entrenched and committed to our South Australian market. We continue to put our money where our mouths are. For the last 18 months we have been talking to everyone about the opportunities on the Fleurieu, so we decided it was time for us to act. Last Sunday, Sylvia purchased another investment property on the Fleurieu, very exciting.

Our small Victor Harbor sales team of two—Roger and Jayne—have been flat out with 7 sales this week alone (no, Sylvia's purchase wasn't one of them!) Maybe we have read it wrong, but it feels like the next cycle has now started down there.

Toop&Toop have $1 billion in residential property currently under management and 28 years experience, so we know this market. Many of our residential clients are also investor clients, and we believe this is an ideal time to be investing in Adelaide property, whether it is to simply upgrade your principle place of residence, or start/add to your existing investment portfolio.

INVESTMENT TEAM: We are also putting our money where our mouths are for our clients. We have established a dedicated Investment Team to provide specialised information to Landlords (new and experienced) looking to start, expand or upgrade their rental portfolio. Our advice is free, but naturally we hope we can win your business by showing you how to optimise your investments.

Our start up Investment Team is made up of the following specialists: Kerrie Akkermans - specialist in the business of property rentals; Michele Alexandrou - specialist sales of investment property and acquisition; and Toby Stapledon - specialist investment property finance advisor.

TRADING ROOM: In another initiative, we have launched phase one of a dedicated investors website last month. This will become invaluable for investors wanting to trade up, down or out of investment property. Called the Toop Trading Room, this is just the beginning of a new era for Toop&Toop clients. We have committed resources under Suzannah's leadership to SA residential property investors, and we feel the timing is perfect.

INVESTOR AUCTION: For those looking to upgrade investments, or just invest for the first time, we will auction up to 8 investment properties in-room next month. Toop's Top 8 Investment Auction, to be held on Monday 4 November, 6pm at our Hyde Park office – put it in your diaries!

We are off to a flying start with two of the 8 properties already lined up:

1. 14/222 The Esplanade, Seacliff
2. Scottish Avenue, Clovelly Park (available only to Members of ToopVault so register now at as this is yet to be launched publically)

INVESTMENT BUYERS: Come to our first investment auction. Come and see first hand if it's a flop or a massive success. Our goal is to make it simple to buy and build your rental portfolio. Our team can assist with all the finance, insurance and completemanagement of them for you and help you optimise both your rental returns and long-term capital appreciation.

SELLERS: We are looking for 6 more rental properties to include in our November Auction. The costs are low, opportunities high. To find out whether your investment property is eligible, call Kerrie Akkermans on 0488 034 871 or Michele Alexandrou on 0411 226 600 for a confidential chat.

I am very excited… Toop&Toop are so passionate about SA Property.

With property, you've never missed the boat, but you may have missed the absolute bottom of this cycle.

Remember, when it's time to get serious, it's time to get Team Toop.

Anthony Toop

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Thursday, October 03, 2013

Is marketing just spin…or does it count??

Last weekend Suzannah and I attended an Asia Pacific Leadership conference run by YNG Indonesia (Y.P.O. Next Generation). The conference focused on the importance of Brand Leadership, strategy and execution. We heard from, and had the honour of meeting, a number of renowned international business leaders. Some of the highlights for Suzannah and I included having lunch with international business and brand strategist Martin Roll and the CEO of Asia Air X Azran Osman-Rani.

One thing that all the speakers had in common was the emphasis they placed on a strong brand and clear business marketing strategies. The consensus from all speakers was that those companies, who want to survive long term, need to have marketing at the highest level of their business. A CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) is a relatively new term in the boardroom however it is fast becoming just as vital as the CEO and CFO roles in large organisations around the world.

So why the recent emphasis on brand and marketing strategy? In today's market worldwide, competition is more intense than ever seen before and the need for companies to differentiate and stand out has never been more important. Today's successful companies realise this, and have marketing and innovation at the forefront of everything they do. Those companies are becoming the leaders in business today. You just have to look at companies like Apple, Google and Coca Cola to see this.

So how does this relate to you and your real estate?

Selling or renting a property is no different. The property market is currently very competitive, and at any one time your property will be in competition for the same buyer or tenant with other homes. Sellers and Landlords need their agent to have a strong marketing strategy for their home, unless they want to differentiate only by discounting their price, just like in any business. An agent needs to differentiate a client's property from the rest of the market to grab the buyers or renters attention without relying purely on discounting the seller or landlords price. 

At Toop&Toop we have a fully equipped Advertising and IT studio on-site devoted to achieving exactly this for our clients.

The right marketing mix plus company resources, including databases and technology will help a property get maximum exposure, while the brand of an agency will help reach the right target audience.

Your agency brand and selling process is just as important as your property pricing and presentation—it cannot be ignored.

The brand that surrounds a property on the market will definitely impact on the type of people that are attracted to your home and ultimately impact on the outcome you receive. Perception is a powerful thing, and how your real estate brand is perceived can either add or reduce the value of a home or rental achieved.

So for you, exactly as with companies worldwide, marketing is not just spin—it adds to your bottom line.

When it's time to get serious, it's time to get Team Toop.

Genevieve Toop

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