Thursday, October 03, 2013

Is marketing just spin…or does it count??

Last weekend Suzannah and I attended an Asia Pacific Leadership conference run by YNG Indonesia (Y.P.O. Next Generation). The conference focused on the importance of Brand Leadership, strategy and execution. We heard from, and had the honour of meeting, a number of renowned international business leaders. Some of the highlights for Suzannah and I included having lunch with international business and brand strategist Martin Roll and the CEO of Asia Air X Azran Osman-Rani.

One thing that all the speakers had in common was the emphasis they placed on a strong brand and clear business marketing strategies. The consensus from all speakers was that those companies, who want to survive long term, need to have marketing at the highest level of their business. A CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) is a relatively new term in the boardroom however it is fast becoming just as vital as the CEO and CFO roles in large organisations around the world.

So why the recent emphasis on brand and marketing strategy? In today's market worldwide, competition is more intense than ever seen before and the need for companies to differentiate and stand out has never been more important. Today's successful companies realise this, and have marketing and innovation at the forefront of everything they do. Those companies are becoming the leaders in business today. You just have to look at companies like Apple, Google and Coca Cola to see this.

So how does this relate to you and your real estate?

Selling or renting a property is no different. The property market is currently very competitive, and at any one time your property will be in competition for the same buyer or tenant with other homes. Sellers and Landlords need their agent to have a strong marketing strategy for their home, unless they want to differentiate only by discounting their price, just like in any business. An agent needs to differentiate a client's property from the rest of the market to grab the buyers or renters attention without relying purely on discounting the seller or landlords price. 

At Toop&Toop we have a fully equipped Advertising and IT studio on-site devoted to achieving exactly this for our clients.

The right marketing mix plus company resources, including databases and technology will help a property get maximum exposure, while the brand of an agency will help reach the right target audience.

Your agency brand and selling process is just as important as your property pricing and presentation—it cannot be ignored.

The brand that surrounds a property on the market will definitely impact on the type of people that are attracted to your home and ultimately impact on the outcome you receive. Perception is a powerful thing, and how your real estate brand is perceived can either add or reduce the value of a home or rental achieved.

So for you, exactly as with companies worldwide, marketing is not just spin—it adds to your bottom line.

When it's time to get serious, it's time to get Team Toop.

Genevieve Toop

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