Thursday, October 24, 2013

Toop Top High End Sales in 2013

On the back of our amazing 7 key REISA awards announced last weekend, The Advertiser also published a big article on the Top 25 residential sales for 2013. There is always so much bragging about who does what in the top end with plenty of claims... but the facts are interesting. Out of all the South Australian real estate agencies, Toop&Toop sold the majority of these properties.

Of the Top 10 sales for the year, Toop&Toop sold over 40% of these (#2 sale was a private sale) in one of the most challenging years of our 28 year history. This is only possible through a team effort, we are very proud of our Team Toop.

In other capital cities, the most notable being Perth, Melbourne and Sydney, multiple sales well over $10 million are being achieved. We feel Adelaide's top end has a great upside growth potential and that South Australia's top end property is currently undervalued. It is astounding that last year Adelaide's top sales did not reach $5 million. That can not continue if we want to be seen as having a serious real estate market. This year we hope to change this. We do have a property coming up in a few weeks time that has the potential to re-set the State's records. It is a magnificent, historic estate-like property. Stay tuned and register at to be the first to be invited to view this property.

We are also finding that a large portion of our top end clients want to take advantage of the current investment market conditions, however they just don't have the time to search for the right property. To help, we are holding an investment property auction, where we will auction off 8 properties that we believe to have the best investment potential. This auction is taking place on 4th November at our Hyde Park office and is open to everyone. For more details on the auction please visit

At Toop&Toop our business is equipped for the most demanding top end market, so we have had to set our service levels to the highest industry standards. This then benefits all our clients, no matter the price point of their home. Our marketing strategies are sophisticated and we have global first marketing innovations now available to all South Australian home sellers and landlords; genuine sales technology that no other agency in Australia has. This technology positively impacts all clients, especially those with property in the middle to high end of the market. We are geared up to provide these benefits to all properties. We now have the statistics to prove that we can get results second to none in the Nation!

Genevieve Toop

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