Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Two P's... Puppies and Property!

Last week I picked up my new puppy, Willow. I was very excited, as I had wanted a dog ever since returning from London. As soon as I picked her up, I was introduced to a world that one week earlier I had no idea existed. Terms such as 'crate training' and 'positive response therapy' were all things I had never heard of before. In just one week, I have learnt more about puppies than I have in a lifetime.

The lead up to Christmas is a very busy time in real estate and is not really the ideal time for distractions. Knowing this, I wanted to find out how long a puppy could be left by itself, so I went straight to the Internet to learn more about it. The only problem was that when I Googled my question, I got the widest range of answers—from "you can't leave your puppy at all", to a website saying that leaving them for eight hours a day is fine. I was left more confused than before so I went searching for answers!

These days there is so much information available online that it is overwhelming. The information I found—rather than answering my questions—threw up even more questions. Which one of these of answers do I listen to?

My lesson. The problem these days isn't finding the opinions and answers to your question; it's finding the right answer—a trusted answer for you and your circumstances.

Real estate is a classic for the uninitiated. The quality of your real estate decisions can profoundly impact on your future wealth—it has changed so much over recent years. Agents used to be the gatekeepers to real estate information—nowadays the Internet and the likes of Google have opened the information floodgates. 

I believe some traditional agents drew power from holding the keys to this information and are now finding it hard because our role as real estate agents has fundamentally changed. As agents we need to be so much more than custodians of information. Just like information on puppies, there's so much information out there on property that everyone can access. Our role is to help you cipher through, help interpret and add our experience and local knowledge to this, in order to address any of your concerns.

To us, real estate is second nature and I must always remember this puppy story, for real estate can be such a foreign environment to our clients.  It's just what we do. We are working in the industry every day; we are local and know the Adelaide market inside out. 

So remember, Suzannah, myself and Team Toop are always here to help. To interpret all of the information you may find on the Internet, all your friends advice and to explain how it impacts on you. We are local, we are a family, we are Team Toop.

So, how long can I leave Willow on her own while she's a puppy? To find my answer I consulted a professional, someone I could trust and who knew my situation—my local vet. Willow is in good hands.

Genevieve Toop

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Shaye walsh said...

Hi! Can I ask you a question about your dog? If you could email me that would be great!