Wednesday, February 27, 2013

"Pay peanuts...get monkeys!”

Could such an old saying still be relevant in this day and age of highly competitive sophisticated businesses?

The younger generation probably don't know what the saying is all about. Essentially, it means that you get what you pay for. Paying peanuts means paying very little. Getting monkeys means getting incompetent people, where any money paid is wasted.

There seem to be a lot of monkeys getting around lately.

Some of the fees for sales and rental management have been discounted to the point that even agents offering a basic service would struggle to pay overheads or be capable of delivering a competent service. Perhaps potential clients should consider negotiating in bananas?

Seriously, even with all the technologies Toop&Toop have embraced and with our efficiency, and given we have pulled so many costs out, the fact remains - selling and renting property involves a lot of work. It involves far more than throwing an ad in the paper or online, and if a fee seems too good to be true, rest assured it will be.

Agents go broke. We have seen that recently. As a Seller or Landlord the laws of the universe apply, nothing is for nothing.

Short cuts in selling and managing properties are easy. Really easy. Short cuts can go undetected for quite a while, but rest assured outcomes and results vary dramatically between agents.

Those of you who have experienced unsuccessful selling campaigns know the cost of failed marketing. Landlords who take months to lease their property understand the value of a quickly leased property. There is plenty of pain associated where results are not as they should be. There is a far greater difference than any variation in fees, not to mention the added emotional trauma.

Despite all of this, some sellers and landlords continue to become completely focused on the cheapness of an agent’s fee, and blindly walk into the monkey’s cage, only to scratch their head in wonder as to what went wrong as they write out the cheques for lost rent and failed marketing costs.

Toop's Tip: Focus on what expertise, experience and track records an agent has, then negotiate a fee that is fair, and expect your agent to deliver on all their promises. Often the one that promises the least, delivers the most...and do try to avoid the monkeys.

Remember Toop3D, watch your next home in full 3D on your SmartTV. Go to your YouTube app and search “Toop3D”, or on your Panasonic SmartTV, download our SmartRealEstate app to begin the most revolutionised property viewing ever.

Anthony Toop

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

3D Real entirely new era has arrived.

Smart TV owners, finally you have local real estate content where you can don the 3D goggles and watch Adelaide’s finest homes in a world first...real estate TV in 3D.

On our test productions I must say I was nervous but the results are simply amazing.

We are off and running… 3D real estate is here now and here to stay.

BACKGROUND: For 20 years I have had this dream that when people could effortlessly relax in the comfort of their own lounge and flick through
all the properties for sale, with just a remote control - real estate agents’ lives would change.

I never dreamt it would be more than flat pictures, as 3D was only ever seen with those clunky readers you held up to the light to see dinosaur images.

In 2010, we started the first real estate TV live broadcasts, and launched video products never before used in real estate. In 2012, we launched ‘Video All’ where pretty much every property had a video. This was to capitalise on the 400% increase in buyer engagement using online video for our clients. We went from a full-time video team of two - to four. Our online statistics dominate.

Smart TVs have begun to take over in the sale of big screen TVs and the switch to digital will only push this harder/faster. Most Smart TVs have 3D capability. I see this as a game changer for the real estate industry on three counts. The quality is incredible, the speed is near real time, and to see property in 3D is the closest you’ll ever get to a real inspection with out stepping foot inside the house.

Think about it? Reality property inspections 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Weekends freed up, traffic through homes almost eliminated, and personal viewings reserved for the final decision making process...and it’s already happening!!

OPPORTUNITY: Toop&Toop had an opportunity to break yet another world first. We actually tried to go 3D last year but ran into all sorts of snags. We had to invest in more hardware, software and no one could advise us because no one had done this. In the process we developed the world’s first Smart TV app for real estate. We called it SmartRealEstate (SRE). If you have a National Panasonic Smart TV, download the app and try it. For all other smart TVs, open the YouTube app and search “” and away you go.

If this is your first time testing
 your 3D on your new Smart 

TV, you may need the kids to find the right settings, but it is easy and only takes a few seconds.

SUMMARY: Communication is changing, eye balls are moving...the rules are changing. iPads and smart phones have only just begun their role in changing all the rules, now it’s video and 3D to turbo charge the opportunities!
Just another unbelievable real estate resource that once set up is cheap, is exciting, has global reach, and displays your properties better than anything I have ever seen...try it.

PROUD: Real estate is changing and we are achieving amazing world first stuff right here in Adelaide! Tell all your friends, be parochial, and be proud.

Toop’s Tip: All agents are NOT the same, despite what you may get told.

Anthony Toop

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It’s started...100 buyer groups!

It's started...100 buyer groups (around 200+ people) through one open inspection! In fact, we found a bug in our new VirtualAgent selling system when we hit 50 buyer registrations at one open inspection, an issue that we had not been aware of prior to last weekend! It's fixed now, but what a terrific problem to encounter.

I suspect some of the best buying is behind us… YES, WE’VE FOUND THE BOTTOM. However, don’t expect an instant return to the boom days. The wildcard in all of this remains the unemployment rate. One thing is clear, you had better get on with buying if you don't want to entirely miss the boat.

WHY? With interest rates at all time lows (4.99% fixed for 2 years), plus the excitement people are feeling of finally ridding ourselves of this Federal Government in September, combined with house prices that are well off their peak, it points to the fact we have entered a new property cycle.

EXCEPTIONS? Sure, there will always be exceptions. A classic example is the Fleurieu where it has been really quiet both in sales and rentals. What an opportunity if you are bold enough and are a long term investor. Markets always change, the Fleurieu will change, nothing surer than that. Top end has remained strong, but little wonder as Adelaide's top end prices remain a joke compared to all other mainland states - they are so cheap.

After a shocker 2012, with sales volumes down dramatically from their peak and soft prices, sales have stepped up. The lead indicator of a change in the market is attendances at open inspections, and numbers have leaped ahead of the norms of last year. Conversion of attendance at inspections to actual sales, as reported last week, has seen the return of sales prior to public release and multiple buyers vying for the same property.

CONCLUSION? Buy before the election. There will be so much optimism released given a change of Government. Prices are as cheap as we have seen in years. Competition between financiers has this week seen interest rates as low as we have seen ever. Supply is as tight as we have seen. Time is running out to optimise your property upgrade, and to buy at these prices.

Just do it - start buying. Investors give us your property to look after and we will manage it for you. Simple and easy to understand.

Toop's Tip: be the most informed, and the first to hear about properties hitting the market. Go to and tick the box for your "Weekly Market Update" and receive exclusive invitations to view new listings (suited to your criteria) before public release.

Let’s get the party started...time to be bold.

Anthony Toop

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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

The Market is Pumping...the word is out, so "Just .Toop It"

The market is pumping right now and articles this week from various sources are all saying the same thing - South Australia is looking good for property.

With prices down from the peak, finance as cheap as ever, and money being injected into the building side of the market, the flow on appears to have begun. Properties this week for us have again started to sell pre-public release and we are getting multiple buyers on properties again.

Sellers, don't get too excited, it may be some time before this reverses the downward trend. However, the latest data supports that the market has stabilised and volumes have started to rise.

If this trend continues into March for 2013 first quarter, in my view this will mark the bottoming out of the market. The last quarter of 2012 was excellent, as was our January sales, very lively.

Lew's $3million sale under the hammer last week, and the return of the off market activity makes for a very optimistic and excited Toop&Toop.

Buyers please understand that we can only sell ‘off market’ properties to those that are registered with Toop&Toop. To register, "Just .Toop It". Go to and we will start sending you early notice of VIP Viewings (invitations to inspect properties prior to the public release).

Registered VIP Buyers not only receive invitations to exclusive viewings, they can also subscribe to our Weekly Market Update video, our Saturday press ads delivered on Wednesday, InsideStory online, Toop.TV reminders for Wednesday's live show, and much more. Just tick the boxes for the services you are after.

We will soon be offering new upgraded services to VIPs, so get registered now. To help you find your next home with ease we will bring you weekly Toop’s Tips throughout February.

Toop’s Tip #1: looking for a special address or house feature? For a particular street, or feature like a pool, view or a tennis court? No problems, "Just .Toop It". For example, simply type, or whatever other "Just .Toop It" address you wish into your browser...and all the properties matching this criteria will display. It's as easy as that. What about a weekly market report? You guessed it, "Just .Toop It"..., so easy once you get the hang of it!

Want your property appraised for sale or rental (free)? Go to  …we always need properties to sell to all these's serious fun.

Stay tuned for next weeks Toop's Tip.

Anthony Toop

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